Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Transitioning back

Back in Boston.

It is so strange to realize that our adventures in Buenos Aires are at an end. We are back home, back in the summer humid heat, and answering the same questions from everyone. Which I do not mind at all, but it is a little surreal.

I have started several posts about being back, and all fell flat. I think I will do segments of reflection as opposed to one long talk back about our time there.

The transition back has not been as abrupt for me as it has been for Sorin, but I think our expectations both for Buenos Aires and for our return are different.

Tonight I pass out the shoes to all the women whom I bought for. It should be a fun, squeeling-ful night. :-) There is nothing like the balm of new shoes to soothe whistful thoughts of another time and place.

More soon....

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