Thursday, August 06, 2009


Things I no longer have to do:

- Flag down the colectivo. Here, the buses stop if you are at the bus stop! How delightful!
I flagged down the bus as I went into the center today, and the driver explained to me that I did not have to do that, he would stop at all bus stops if someone was there. I felt like an idiot. But it became second nature to step to the curb and raise my hand when I saw a bus coming towards me.

- Speak Spanish. Went into the grocery story and asked the lady at the service counter "Donde esta el bano?" She spoke Spanish, so it was not too embarrassing. But after she told me where (in Spanish), she asked me where I was from "Estados Uni.......dos....... doh!" I answered.....I then explained I had spent the last two months in Argentina and was not used to speaking English to people at service counters. And come to think of it, I was not used to service counters! She laughed, thought it was funny, and complimented my accent.

- Hoard coins. I was trying to figure out how to not give the bus my quarters, since I did not have a dollar bill, and then I remembered - it's ok. The US government makes lots of the little shiny discs. I did not need to hoard them to myself. I could feel free to spend them.

- Line dry clothes - my drier and I have become bosom buddies again... I love my drier. And I am not ashamed to admit it! And I have a feeling I will enjoy ironing again now that I do not have t spread a towel on the table to iron Sorin's shirts. But it is 80 degrees today and humid, so no ironing today. That will be another day's joy.


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Anquises said...

En Bs As, cada parada es utilizada por varias lineas de colectivos. Si alguien le hace una señal, el conductor se detiene. En otro caso, continúa su marcha y le da lugar a la siguiente línea (si todos los colectivos se detuvieran en todas las paradas aunque no haya pasajeros esperando por ellos, el tránsito sería más complicado de lo que ya es).
Muy simpático el post, Debbi. Me hizo reir eso de la falta de monedas, haha.

northierthanthou said...

Lol, it's funny how places change you, sometimes without your knowledge.