Thursday, June 04, 2009

first post from BA

Well, we arrived in Buenos Aires safe and sound after an exruciating 14 hour flight. I got maybe 2 hours sleep and Sorin got none. So you can image our relief to get off that plane! The ride to the apartment was fun, apparently things like speed limits, lane markings, signs, and just about everything that goes along with driving is more of a suggestion, and a weak one at that.... But no one seems to have problems. Everyone drives like they are a bat out of hell, so everyone knows that the other drivers are as crazy as they are. It works. But I won't be getting behind a wheel any time soon!

So, we get off the plane, and my allergies go haywire. I was miserable. I thought for sure they would refuse me entrance through customs because I looked a wreck, I figured they would point and yell "Swine Flu!!!" but it was fine. They had this high tech infa-red device that shows any hot spots on your body. I went through no issues. Well, no swine issues, I was still a mess. And it just got worse and worse - I was popping Benadryl like it was candy and it barely helped. I was so upset and nervous that this would be my two months in BA - incapacitated by alergies. Well, yesterday I went to the Farmacia, and manage to try to communicate my problems. They gave me some wonder pills that work beautifully. It is also good to know that if I develop a sinus infection, I can purchase antibiotics without a prescription.

Tuesday night I was planning on going to Praktika 8 with Sorin, but I was such a mess, I just stayed in bed. So yesterday was my first dance in BA. In the afternoon we went to Confiteria Ideal, it was so sweet. It was full old old couples dancing. I enjoyed watching them, it was lovely. Sorin and I danced a few tandas, so my first dance in BA were at a historic milonga setting with the man I love. Could it be better? :o)

Last night we went to El Beso, and I think it was not so bad for a first time out. Once all the regulars danced with all their regulars, they branched out and I had some nice dances, and one really great dance. It was tough to sit and sit and sit and smile and smile until interest turned my way. But I was lucky to be sitting with friends, one new and one old, who I could chat with while I waited and waited. I danced more than I expected to.


tangocherie said...

Welcome to Buenos Aires, Debbi!

Yeah, I sure do know about the allergies thing. I take Benadryl and Claritin every day!

So what did you get at the Farmacia? Maybe there's an allergy drug I don't know about.

I'm sure we'll meet sometime soon and we can compare health issues! :)

Tina said...

Debbi I'm so thrilled that you're dancing down there! And so bummed that I can't share it with you. Heave fun!!

Louis said...


Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but hope you get better soon! I know the feeling since I got ill towards the end of my trip to BsAs.

Wednesday night at El Beso is usually a bit tough/competitive. However, if you like the place, come back on a Thursday (different organiser and not "couples" night) or do a 2-milonga-in-one-night thing on Sunday (Maipu then El Beso).

Have fun!

RealityPivots said...

Hurrah and congrats.
I suffer seriously from allergies and have worried about going to BsAs in the Spring but I didn't have problems there during June. I would be interested in any info you have on what is causing or helping the problem.

La Nuit Blanche said...


el beso was one of my favorites... i'm so glad you are dancing in buenos aires, it just makes me happy to think about. :-)

did you check out the cafe downstairs, at la confiteria ideal? and the balcony upstairs... i wish i could uproot the whole building, and everyone inside, and transport it to new york.