Monday, June 08, 2009

coming round the bend...

I did not come to Buenos Aires to be sick and in our apt constantly. But that has basically been this past week. My system was overthrown by allergies when I stepped off the plane (literally), and then I contracted some hideous sore throat/laryngitis/chest ailment. When I realized I was taking 4 or 5 hot showers a day in order to breathe, I e-mailed a friend of mind who is a prescribing RN and asked her what to get at the pharmacy, she told me, I got it, and after one dose I already feel loads better. It is funny, though, my morning line up with my tea is Vitamin C, Allergy pill, decongestant, antibiotic, and now a multi-vitamin with Iron because apparently it is difficult to get plain Iron supplements (according to the local pharmacist, and I was too tired to walk to another pharmacy to see if I could find it there).

So, tomorrow, I am determined to get back in the swing of things. It is depressing watching Sorin go out and then waking up to eagerly listen to his retelling of his night when he gets back just before dawn. I want to be going out too!! So, on the agenda for tomorrow, post-pills, is class at 2, shoe shopping with a new friend - we are going to go back and try to hit the stores that were closed when Sally and I went - and hopefully, hopefully, dancing at night. We'll see how I do after the class and shopping. I am hoping that I can get out to at least one milonga tomorrow night. I seem to do well at the trasitional milongas, at the younger/hipper milongas, I am not of much interest to the leaders there. So any suggestions of traditional milongas to hit in the beginning of the week are very welcome!

Cross your fingers for me that I am out of the weeds!

On the plus side, I have been taking short excursions when I am feeling on an upswing around our neighborhood, and there is so much here that is interesting! The buildings, the shops, the people, the artisans, then there is the bakery diagonally across from our building.... oh.... the smells in there! Thank fully I can only eat their bread, their pastry displays are so gorgeous you just want to gobble them up, and when I bring Sorin media-lunas from them, they get devoured within seconds. It is funny, this is one of the few places I do not have to play the centavos dance with. Most places ask you for exact change because of the shortage here. But at the bakery, they don't even ask you, they just give you the coins. It is amazing. I plan to start using the Subte and Collectivo, so I have started hoarding my coins. I even bought a cute little coin purse from one of the weekend plaza fair artisans.

Although so far, my favorite has been the cat. We have this golden and orange eyed cat that lives in the apartment beneath and across from us, and every morning she is on the porch roof meowing in Castellano. You think I joke. I am not. She meows in a way that is very un-cat like. I will video her one morning and post it because she cracks us up, especially when she is particularly intent of telling us about her day.

So far, what little I have seen of Buenos Aires, I like very much. And I am looking forward to seeing more and more in the coming weeks.



SeƱora Capone said...

Sorry you feel so sick. Maybe you should try resting during the day, and less activities so you can go out at night. Daytime is when there is more pollutants in the air. Mostly from all the extra collectivos.

Isn´t it funny how you can buy almost the meds you want, but can not get a decent vitamin or iron pill.
Doctors believe you can get all your nutrients from food here.
When I was preggers, I asked for a Rx for vitamins and there was no need to take vitamins.

Henry ( said...

Oh no how crappy! Do feel better and my favorite traditional milonga was Maipu 444 on ... I believe Friday, maybe Saturday.


tangocherie said...

Hi Debbi,
You'll conquer this thing!
Meanwhile, here are my recommendations for traditional milongas:

Tues. Maipu 444, El Beso
Weds. Sueno Porteno (Boedo), Region Leonesa (Nino Bien)
Thurs. El Beso, Gricel
Fri. Region Leonesa, Gricel afterwards
Sat. Los Consagrados (!), Maipu
Sun. Maipu, Lo de Celia, La Milonguita

Feel better! And we'll see you on Saturday!!

Tina said...

Maipu 444 is nice on a Tuesday if you're looking for something a little more traditional this evening.

Also check out El Beso on Thursday (starts early, like 6:30 or 7pm)

The BEST is Maipu 444 on a Saturday (goes from 7pm to 4am. If you get there after 9pm forget getting a good seat) You could go to Los Consagrados and then hop over to Cachirulo :-)

Tina said...

Oh! Cherie beat me to it! My suggestions are in her list, and everything else she recommended I agree with.

Anonymous said...

Oh Debi, I'm catching up after returning from 10 days abroad. So sorry you're under the weather. Just don't push it. Your body needs the energy to fix itself before it can dance its heart out :-)