Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Changing it up

The last few practicas I have been practicing with an elusive leader whom I thoroughly enjoy dancing with. He is one of those challenging and thoroughly enjoyable leads, where each time we dance together, I get a little bit better and have a huge grin plastered over my face.

He gave me a compliment on my boleos last week, that just made my day. Then last night he offered a bit of feedback where I might want to try a slightly different style of back boleo to add to my arsenal. Actually, to create an arsenal, my back boleo was really only done in one way, I would just vary the speed and timing of it, but I had always done it one way. He thought I had good control and presence in what I already do, but he has a new favorite style of back boleo, which is basically a linear boleo with contra body movement, the knees are not nestled into each other, and it creates a really nice stretch along the sides that feels really good as a follower. It is kind of sexy and elegant, I had seen professionals do it, but was not exactly sure how to do that myself. We practiced it and once I got it, I actually was really nice to have something different to add in depending on the music and the lead.
We talked about alternative ways of moving. To add in as a little spice. Change up the side step, the back hook, etc.

It's a new world again.

Lots to do
Lots to do

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Mari said...

*sigh* I love leaders like that.