Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Temptation vs Comfort Food

This past weekend I was at the Yale Tango Festival. And I have to say, it was the most fun I have had to date at a festival. This very well may be because with every festival that I go to, I have gotten a teeny bit better and gotten to know more people, but even so, taking all aspects of the festival into account, I had an absolute blast.

And I came to a realization that I am rather at peace with. I've known for awhile that in a festival atmosphere, I am not a temptation. I am not the follower who is constantly in demand and leaders are saying "I want to dance with HER!". Which has been something I wanted to become. I think I might still want to become that, but I realized this time that I am instead Comfort Food. You know what you are going to get, its familiar, its enjoyable (I hope!!) and it is not a gamble.

I think I am good with this. At least for now anyways. I had multiple leaders come find me after they had an amazing tanda or set of tandas with Tempations and make mention that they asked me to dance because they just had a phenomenal set and they wanted something cozy and nice to come down from on high with. I kind of liked that. If I can't induce the high, then I certainly am good with being the gentle transition back to earth.

All things considered, this was the first time that I enjoyed every single dance that I had. And that has never happened before. I danced with some new people, two of whom were amazing. I danced with some people I have known for awhile and we had just never danced, and that was wonderful too. There were several people that I did not get to dance with, which was the one sad point, but they are all people that I see monthly or bi-monthly, so I know we will dance soon.

I feel sated. I feel good.
And it's been one day since the festival, one day without dancing, and I feel the need to dance.....


Pantina said...

OMG!!! I was at Yale too! It truly is a small world.

Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I think every human being is unique and I just love to dance with people I like (you included!). I care more about that than about technical skills, 'cause I'm good enough to make up for it :D

-Filet Mignon

Anonymous said...

Please. When I feel ready to dance the best that I can, that's when I ask, "Is Debbi available?" You are not comfort food.