Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year

I have not written in awhile. It seemed like I was always going to regurgitate my dances, and that did not seem interesting at all. So I waited, and then stuff happened - life kept moving, and now it is the new year. And I feel inspired to write about a few things.

Tango Doldrums
I was in the tango doldrums, not depression really, because I still enjoyed very much going out and dancing regularly. But I felt like I hit a plateau. Kind of like a thin layer of Saran Wrap was keeping me inside my sphere and I could see that there was all this great stuff on the other side, but I could not figure out how to get through the saran wrap. I knew it was not a glass ceiling, I knew I could move forward, I just did not know how. I think one of the issues was I had not taken classes in awhile. A long while. I needed a challenge, and that challenged needed to be external, I was internalizing too much already. I still need a challenge. So my plan for the winter and spring is to take classes and privates (when I can afford them) and find some way to get over the hump. I am sure I will get there, as I am reassured that we all go through this. :-)

The best dance of my life - EVER
Don't discount the old people.

New Years Eve in Providence was amazing. The picture above is from New Year's Eve. I had just the best time. Lots of friends, old and new, lots of food, lots of great music - and the best dance of my life bar none. Up until now I had a top 5 - I could not really rate them against each other, they were just all together in the top. Well, New Years Day, I had a tanda with a gentleman that blew them all out of the water. I had noticed a tiny older little couple on New Years Eve (I swear she was under 5' and he was maybe 5') dancing pretty much with each other only. I enjoyed watching them, and it was obvious that they had been dancing a long time together. They enjoyed each other and they just fit together. It was a pleasure to watch them.

New Years Day, late afternoon, he approached me and asked me to dance. I accepted gladly, I knew from watching him he was good, I was only concerned about the fact that in heels I was about 9 inches taller - in fact, he had a face full of cleavage, so we adjusted to a slight V and off we went. I would say in about 30 seconds he figured me out and then he amped it up. It was amazing. He had what I have been told is the Argentinean embrace - firm and solid yet unrestrictive. It was unpolished and yet elegant at the same time. It was incredibly musical and subtle. And although he was definitely in charge, he listened. A friend told me that I was grinning from ear to ear while we danced. I loved every second. When the tanda was over, I discovered he was Argentinean and had been dancing for over 30 years. He was an absolute gentleman and walked me back to my seat, where I sat for an entire tanda, just glowing.

Later that night, I confided to several women friends that I had just had the best dance of my life that night. One response I received was "Oh, he asked me, but I turned him down, I don't pay attention to the old people." You could have seen my tonsils my mouth was so far open. I responded with "Well, you can't dance for over 30 years and not be old...." She had a light bulb moment and realized that you can't discount old people.


Caroline said...

Gives you a glimpse into your future trip to BsAs, no? Can't wait to hear your stories about that.

Elizabeth said...

Discounting old people??? What? The best dancers are the ones who have been around for a while. Really And also, just for reference, how old is old? I can get real bent out if shape over ageism.
I know exactly what you mean about the saran wrap. Great way to explain it. I think I might be at a saran wrap stage.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I like what you said to the person who ignores the older people. You could remind her too, that soon, very soon, she will be old her karma will bite her in the ass if she isn't careful.

Tango Padawan said...

Shorter men can dance amazingly with taller women! don't forget that too ;-)

cindy said...

thank you for this. & what a beautiful dress! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

People who say things like that usually see tango as a path to a relationship.

Love your response :-)

Debbi said...

I think it was simply a case of youthful beginner thoughtlessness. She just never considered dancing with someone outside her age, once she gets better I am sure she will come around to dancing with the dancer, not the age. ;-)
And yes, I am sooooo looking forward to BsAs, and by looking forward I mean excited with nausea - I'm nervous about going!

Alex said...

In twenty years, maybe I will be a junior beginner neophyte milonguero wannabe...I'll be sixty-eight years old...and will have been dancing tango for twenty-four-and-a-half years...

I can't wait.