Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guerilla practica, but no guerilla leading.... ;-)

We had a guerrilla style practica last night, which was quite fun. We went around to difference spaces and set up shop so to speak.
By the time we arrived at our last space, we had lost some of our group, and I looked around and realized we were 3 men and 6 women. whoops! So off came the stilettos and on went the sneakers and I practiced leading. The friends who allowed me to lead them were so lovely to put up with me! We did not do much, my vocabulary is pretty limited, but I tried to do what I could musically and I tried to give them moments that I knew I would have wanted to enjoy if I had been following. And I had a great time. It was interesting to dance with three different followers and realize their different strengths and how I needed to alter my lead accordingly. I got some good feedback as well, which was both confidence boosting and helpful in critique. The best compliment I got was that my walk was strong and my intent was clear. whoo hoo!

I also found that when I did not stress about the cross, it happened naturally, so I decided to stop thinking so hard when I knew I wanted to cross her, and it would just happen. So maybe 75% of the time the cross when through fluidly, which is a marked improvement of my last attempt at practicing the cross which happened, oh, say about 20% of the time. I am also doing better about watching the room and not falling into the follower default of watching my partner's core. As a leader, I need to be aware of her core, but watch the room! Luckily, I have never walked my partners into anything, thank whatever patron god of tango there is!

But it is really hard to switch from leader to follower immediately! I lead one of my favorite leaders, and then he led me, and man it was tough! My brain was sort of sparking, confused as to what was going on. It took me a whole song to settle into following. So until I get better, I need to give myself some time in between leading and following, otherwise I may end up looking like a short circuiting mess! ha!

So, feeling more confident about leading, even though I am still in open embrace right now. Next practica, I am thinking about trying to lead ochos.... Ai!

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Alex said...

happy b-day again...belatedly in here...

I find the lead to the cross is almost totally in the contra-body...she almost can't help but cross...