Monday, October 13, 2008

Missed Connections

I was supposed to go the the NYC festival this weekend, I had been looking forward to going as production at school was going to hit full force very soon and I would not have the time I do right now. Our plan was to leave Friday and drive down with friends. Wednesday I started to feel under the weather. Thursday I felt like crap, and was having a hard time breathing, and the stairs at work were killing me when normally I run up and down them all day. With reservations, I did go to practica on Thursday, but I did not dance. Sorin was DJing, and I had some things to give to some friends, so I went, but I sat aside, away from everyone, and watched. Friday morning, I knew it was all over. I was sick sick sick. I decided not to go, I did not know if I would recover in time to attend any of the milongas, I did not want to be ill in someone else's house, and I did not want to get anyone else ill. Even if I felt better by Sunday or Monday, there was no guarantee I would not infect someone, as I did not know if it was the flu or a cold or what it was. So I missed a weekend full of friends and dancing.
Which I was sad about. But now I am angry about.

I went dancing last Tuesday at my favorite milonga, and I heard yesterday from a friend who send me a lovely message about feeling better, and mentioned that so-and-so, who was at the Tuesday milonga, was just getting over something similar. Apparently this person went to the milonga feeling ill, but "well enough to dance."

If you are feeling under the weather - DO NOT GO DANCE!!! Even if you feel "well enough", you are probably going to infect those you dance with, and possibly those at the water table, or those you sit next to, or those you cough near. I should not have gone to practica at all on Thursday, but I promised to deliver something, so I went, and I tried my best to stay away from people. So yes, not the best idea, but I tried to minimize any damage to others.

I mean, close embrace, it is lovely, intimate, and, well close! You share breathing space. And if you have some germs looking to party in a new space, you share those too. And usually I prefer to do my partying with those who are not looking to invade my immune system.

So please, this is the season for all those crazy little germs, and festivals, so lets make sure to share connection, and not illness.


Johanna said...

I share your pain. And apparently your cold. Though I had not danced in quite some time, when the opportunity finally presented itself, I was feeling miserable and likewise decided not to inflict whatever I had on all those wonderful people, some of whom hug me very closely :-)

La Tanguera said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you were so sick!!! ;(

And I couldn't agree more about being considerate to others and not dance when one is infectious--I usually avoid going to milongas for many days if I've been ill, just in case. And, I must add that I've also been on the other end--getting terribly sick and able to pin point exactly the careless milonguero who danced with me being sick (it didn't show until the first song stopped). Hum...