Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comeback Trail

Getting sick actually helped my tango. Believe it or not. Being forced to sideline myself for over a week, I was afraid that I would somehow have to struggle to get back to where I was before I got ill. Plus I was still sort of weak, pretty sure some of the weight I lost was muscle mass and fat - 5 lbs in 1 week, not too good for the body. Although great for the wardrobe! ;-)
Anyway, went dancing Friday and Sunday, and it was great. I felt connected, I felt musical, I felt leads, suggestions, and opportunities. It is the opportunities that makes me most excited. Sometimes when I feel what my leader is hearing in the music, and something else in the music inspires me, I am able to offer a little voice to the phrase, be it with embellishment or an active moment of suggestion from me, and I know there are other things that I do that I have no idea how to categorize them. It is so cool and exciting to do! But there is something really uplifting when these moments happen and Sorin whispers "nice!" in my ear, or my leader laughs a little or gives me a little squeeze to communicate enjoyment.
Although I have to be careful not to take over the lead, so I do them rarely. I did it once Friday night with someone I had never danced with and unfortunately I threw him completely off, he did not know how to react. He told me that he thought it was great, it just took him by surprise. I was chagrined as that is not a cool thing to do. I need to make sure that I am not only heard, but understood. I don't want to startle my leader.
So being ill allowed me time away, time to ruminate on things I had been working on, and allowed me to come back fresh, with a clean slate, and an eagerness to dance. I still have lots to work on, but having a brief respite was actually helpful.

So more practice with timing and communication, but this seems like something really wonderful to offer to play with.


ModernTanguera said...

Fabulous! I am working on similar things, AND I am recovering from illness, so maybe I will have some of the good results that you did. ;) I hate being forced into a break, especially right after having a great lesson and wanting to put the things I learned into practice. But maybe the rest will let some of these ideas sink in. Happy dancing!

Mathieu said...

I liked the way you talked as a follower of enjoying the opportunities in a dance. As a leader I love being surprised by my partner's suggestion. I haven't squeezed yet but I certainly have laughed and smiled, always. :)