Friday, September 05, 2008

Back to the Beginning of Leading

Thursday night I practiced leading with another beginner leader/experienced follower. It was fun to try to remember all that I had forgot, considering the last I lead was before my adventures in Tanglewood this summer. I'm having a hard time leading the cross in close embrace, but can do it in open. In fact, I can do more in open than in close at the moment. It seems I need more close embrace practice. But we had a blast, switching off leads, helping each other figure out why things were and were not working. And I had a small "whoosh" moment. The "whoosh" comes from a workshop I took with Mila and Korey, and it is a feeling that you share with your follower on a dynamic pivot or turn. They were doing it on steps that were far beyond my current leading skills. But what I did discover was a molinette lead to my left and as she took the final step forward, I led a fast pivot round on her left foot so that she would step forward to my right. And then I was so shocked that it worked, I inadvertently lead her to a back cross and ocho out of the move. Now if I can only figure out how I did that.... it would be cool! But that never happened again when I was thinking
about it. But I practiced the molinette and pivot combination a few times until I felt I had it sort of down, and I just felt so incredibly happy with it.

One tiny step forward onto the path. But it was a step forward, and for a follower, that is huge. ;-)

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