Monday, August 25, 2008

open to the possibilities

There is something really great about discovering a connection with someone you dance with for the first time. Sometimes it is also the first time you meet them. Keeping yourself open to possibilities is one of the exciting aspects of tango as far as I am concerned. Yes, there are leaders whom I look forward to dancing with whenever we are at the same milonga, but finding new favorites is just as wonderful. In chatting with someone recently, they mentioned that they only dance with those whom they already know that they will have a good connection with. I found that so limiting and, well, bizarre. Because in order to find out that there was a good connection, there had to be a moment of discovery, so why cut yourself off from that opportunity?

This discovery happened twice to me this last weekend in Providence. I danced with someone I have seen before at different venues and cities, but for whatever reason we never danced before, so I was thrilled when he asked me to dance as I had liked watching him dance with others. And I danced with someone who was visiting from the other side of the country and I had never met before, but again, I had seen him dancing during the night and thought he would be awfully fun to dance with.

Both were great in completely different ways, and I was so happy to find two such wonderful new connections. There is that trill of excitement that runs through you during the first moment of the first dance as you find the connection in the embrace and realize that this was going to be wonderful. Hearing your leader's musicality, hearing what he hears in the music, offering what you hear and feel. And then creating the music together.

It doesn't really get much better than that. :-)


La Tanguerita said...

How very nice for you!
I know quite a few women who wouldn’t even consider dancing with people they don’t know. I‘ve got a friend, she told me once she were too busy to risk wasting her precious time (she dances once or twice a fortnight) on "something that might turn out a disaster".

La Tanguera said...

Deb, couldn't agree with you more. In fact, I believe that the surprising connections that can take place with new, unknown partners are what make Tango so special for me. It's sad that sometimes we forget how important is to take risks and give people a chance. Just the other day, I had a similar experience--went to a milonga which was poorly attended, and this dancer who I'd never danced with before asked me for a tanda. I said yes, and I was in for a treat... we was fabulous!!!! I wonder how I could have missed him before--he'd never asked me, and I have to say I didn't remember him. I asked him if we attended the same milongas since I didn't recall him. He told me "yes... I'm just a bit low profile". I was speechless about my not remembering him, since he said "I always see you in the milongas" and I responded "OK, now you are making me feel bad". It was true--he was such a nice, subtle, clear, musical dancer, and I had never met him before! Now I want to keep my eyes open to the possibilities... obviously, I don't always open them enough!