Sunday, August 24, 2008

First real tango trauma

So last night was the second to last LongaMilonga in Providence. An era is coming to an end.

I had a great time there, despite a tango injury. I decided to try giving myself pedicures, because my toe nails had bruises and scrapes on them from floorcraft collisions, and they were just not as pretty as I wanted. So I bit the bullet and bought some really pretty dark blood red nail polish and tried to pretty up my tootsies. Seemed to work. And last night, I was dancing with a particularly athletic leader, and felt a sharp pain in my left big toe from something or other that caused me to scrape my own foot. I thought not much on it and continued dancing. Although at the end of the song, my foot felt odd. I looked down, did not see anything, shrugged, and continued the tanda. Half way through this song however, my foot felt decidedly squishy. Like wet sand squishy. And a little painful too. I made it through the song, looked down again, did not see anything. Bent down this time, and saw that my toes were covered in blood. oops. Guess blood red was not the best choice for nail polish! Excused myself to the bathroom where I discovered that I had removed most of my toenail and it was barely hanging on. (Insert dance of uncomfortable heebie jeebies here. I certainly did, only my left leg was in the sink as I did it.)

Hoo boy. And of course, once I saw I was hurt, I started to feel pain. So I cleaned my foot and my shoe (oh! My shoe! Stained!) as best I could. Debated the brilliance of removing the toenail that was sort of hanging on. Decided I just could not bring myself to do that. Found a large band-aid, some gauze and tape and wrapped that sucker up tight. Hobbled back to the floor to find some sympathy from Sorin, and wondered what to do. I did not want to stop dancing, but wouldn't it be prudent to do so?

Got some Advil, took 4.

Thought some more about stopping.

Found my canvas jazz flats that I brought with me. Brought them over to my seat.
Looked at them.
Thought some more.
Slipped the left one on just to see how it would feel.
Slightly uncomfortable, but tolerable.

Milonga Sentimental by Otros Aires came on. One of my favorites....

Turned to Sorin and asked him to help me see if I could dance with my toe like this. He gave me a look and a laugh and said ok.

Didn't go too bad. Just could not raise on my toes, had to stay flat footed. OK. I could do this. So we danced the next tanda.

yea, could not really do this.

Sat down for awhile, foot propped up to stop the throbbing.

A friend who had just come back from BsAs asked me to dance later. His hip was acting up and he knew I had hurt my toe, so I figured we could still dance. It was fun, we had a good time, and then he very gently sandwiched my left foot and I just about jumped out of my skin.


So the tanda ended, I apologized for my stupid toe and I went to sit down for the rest of the milonga.

I find it amazing that something as small as a toenail can wreck such havoc on one's evening.

And of course, today is the good practica in Cambridge.... maybe if I take 4 Advil now and 4 again before we leave.......


Frances R said...

I am sorry you hurt yourself. Hope it feels better soon.
Please, pretty please, do not dance on painkillers. Let your body heal.

Mtnhighmama said...

Your whole story makes me cringe. I know it's going to happen to me too, at some time, and I'm such a wuss about pain. I hope I handle myself with as much grace?, fortitude? But I suspect I will just sit in the bathroom and cry, and then limp home and make my kids pamper me.

How did the practica go?

Anonymous said...

Ok, like, what's the antidote for the heebie-jeebie dance/??!!!! I'm still shuddering.


Oh, and feel better soon.

ModernTanguera said...

YIKES! For some reason, toenail damage makes me way more squeamish than other kinds of injuries. I hope you can find a way to rest and let it heal!

Debbi said...

Thanks ladies!
Practica did not happen. It just hurt too much. And when I changed the bandage Sunday morning, it had stuck to the broken nail... and, well.... yuck ensued. But today no pain, so on the road to healing and dancing again! :-)

Debbi said...

Believe me Johanna, if I had the antidote, I'd be giving it away!!!

MT - isn't it odd how such a small thing causes such agony?! Am healing, will be dancing soon I think!

Alex said...

Ouch! Get well soon!

SeƱora Capone said...

Oooooh pobrecita!