Tuesday, August 12, 2008

40 Days and Nights.....

Today is my fortieth day in the Berkshires. I leave on the 41st. It has rained every day that I have been here. I am ready to be dry again.....
It was a challenging gig. On all counts. And it is over tomorrow.
Thank god.

I am tired, and I want to go home.

I want to sleep in my bed next to my man.
I want a shower that is not the gathering place for the house spiders.
I want to not be aggravated by directors who refuse to understand the difference between conceptual art and practical costumes.
I want to go dancing.

Although, I did get to dance for a fraction at one of the crew parties. If any of you know theatre folk... you know what crew parties can get like.... but there we all were, 12 or so of us, 8or so bottles of wine and a case of the local brew, and someone threw on a CD of swing music. My friend and coworker jumped up, he had a few beers, and grabbed me to lindy hop. Don't really know how, but his lead was so good, I did not really need to know. So suddenly we were the entertainment for everyone, bopping around the living room to some swing, and having an absolute blast. Not that I plan on giving up tango, but who knows? Maybe swing will be a fun sideline at crew parties from now on.... ;-)

I will miss the bats in the attic. They ate all the mosquitoes as they swooped around the garden at dusk.
I will miss the smell of wet grass and lilies in the morning.
I will miss the girls I dressed every night in their hooker fineries..... what a lovely group of budding professionals!
I will miss the crew, local 54, and their donut breaks... they never understood why I did not want to eat donuts twice a day......

So goodbye Tanglewood. Take care. And for goodness' sake, dry out!

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