Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tango Hiatus

I am about to leave for the wilds of Tanglewood, where there is no tv, no internet, and no tango. I'll be out there for 5 weeks. I love this gig, I've been for four years now, and I love the work, the opera and my coworkers, who are both dear friends.

But 5 weeks without tango.....

Last year was not so bad, I was a beginner, and although I was bit by the tango bug, it was not a huge deal to me to go for weeks without.
Rather odd when real life intercedes with tango and you start thinking about how to make it all work.... do the work I love and tango... ai yiyi. addicted much?

So today is my last day of tango before I leave Tuesday morning. And I am glad that it is my favorite practica, and Sorin is DJing, so it'll be three hours packed with my favorite music and leaders. I am thinking of requesting that we dance today, and not practice. I want to leave on high notes.

Speaking of high notes, I do love going out to Tanglewood in the depth of summer. I live right on the campus, in an old farmhouse that has bats in the attic, and music every night drifts over the fields and we sit on our back porch sipping wine and listening to the concerto of the evening.
Granted during the day we work like fiends, but it is all good.

I'm bringing one pair of tango shoes with me. You never know who might be a fellow out there in the Berkshires....


Caroline said...

They say tango is about life. I imagine when you return, then you will have more to add to your dance.

David said...

I always find a break from tango of a few weeks is good for me. It helps to break any patterns that have developed and I return with renewed enthusiasm and appreciation.

Enjoy the break!