Monday, April 21, 2008

NYC and strawberries

This weekend we went to NYC for Nocturne, and literally that was all! It was kinda cool and kinda crazy to drive up, dance, and drive back. But Nocturne was so much fun, I had a blast.
Of course, we forgot about the pope visiting NYC, which caused all sorts of traffic havoc. Sheesh! I mean the man has a pope mobile fer goodness sake! Why does he need to shut down the Triboro bridge AND FDR Drive?!?!? Argh.

Despite the pope, it was a great night. I had some really wonderful dances and connections.... even after the point where I was dropping with exhaustion and my synapses were misfiring to my feet. Ha! whoops! Step where? heh heh.
And there was celebrity sighting at the milonga. Which caused quite the buzz! Although everyone was cool about it, no one made a fuss at them. Gotta love New Yorkers!

On a separate note - take a look at these monster strawberries we got! In April! Can anyone say genetic engineering? But they were sweet and firm - so is it wrong to enjoy mutant strawberries on the first warm weekend of the season? ;-)


NYC Tango Pilgrim said...


Just so you know, I never lead volcada. :-) Other than that, Ko and I were both amazed by how much difference your dance feel less than a month. If a few more women here dance the way you do, I might not have to travel to Buenos Aires that often.

Debbi said...

Ehhh... what can I say.... I was tired and I went where I thought the lead was. Besides, I never make assumptions about what a leader will or will not lead.
And thank you for the very kind compliment! If I keep getting compliments like this from you and Ko, I will be tempted to come to NYC more and more often! ;-P

Alex said...

Those are huge! They look like the size of apples. Or you have very small hands....?

Debbi said...

Ha! Both actually Alex.... :-)