Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adventures in.....

Adventures in Commuting

Dear fellow Bostonian Commuter Rail passengers. It never ceases to amaze me that during rush hour, no one wants to scoot over in the 3 seat bench to make room for those of us who board the train mid-line. Burying your head in your Metro paper will not make us disappear or the space beside you look less empty. Move Over!!! The other morning, when I boarded the train, and saw that no one was moving over to allow others to sit, my patience wore thin. Then I saw a woman who was obviously very pregnant walking down the aisle towards me as I walked up the aisle towards hoarded empty seats. We both looked down at this guy who had taken up the seat next to him with his lap top case, papers, coat, and other sundries..... All the while engrossed in a game of FreeCell on his laptop in the hopes that we would just stand there beside him and not notice his urban spread.
My blood pressure rose.

"Excuse me, but it would be great if you you stop your solitaire game long enough to move over and let this lady have a seat."
Both of them looked at me in shock.
"Hmmm... what?" Was his pithy reply
"Move over. She is pregnant and you are rude to ignore it. "
"Oh, uh, I did not notice."
Now she laughs and joins the fray...
"Didn't notice this??" She touches her huge belly. "Well, that is odd considering I am the size of a planet right now."
(I know she stole that from Juno, but it was still funny)
He made a to-do of moving his things aside so that she could sit. Which she happily did. I hear someone chuckling behind me and turned around to see a lady sitting on the 3 seat bench, with an empty seat between her and the person sitting by the window. I raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the empty seat. She stopped laughing, had the grace to look ashamed, and moved over. I then get to sit too.

Really people, I observe more courtesy on the Rte 1 bus which is often full of college students and vagrants where seats are given up to those who need it. I guess the difference in ticket price and home base (city vs suburb) directly correlates to empathy. The more you have, the less you have.


Caroline said...

When i was pregnant with my first child, I was about to give birth any day. I was furious that the teenagers in the seats normally reserved for the lame or the pregnant refused to get up and let me sit. I stood in front of one of them and kept sticking out my belly till it was literally an inch from his nose. Then he got up, probably more of out discomfort than courtesy but at least he got the point. It's outrageous how selfish some people can be.

La Nuit Blanche said...


i see this kind of thing all the time in the nyc subway... once, i saw a young woman glare up at a pregnant lady when she accidentally bumped her with her belly.

i wanted to punch the woman who wouldn't give up her seat... unfortunately, i was standing, and was also too chicken to say anything. :-/