Monday, February 25, 2008


After talking about it for what seems like too long, I have finally started my web site. Right now I have scarves and shoe bags up, but I am working on clothing which I am in the process of making and that will be up soon.....

Introducing my web site -

So exciting! New ventures!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

On Tango and Shakespeare....

On one of the tango blogs, Argentine Tango Videos, today was posted a video of merging Shakespeare and Tango - they merged Romeo and Juliet with tango, the fight scene between Mercutio and Tibault

It gave me the shivers (despite the fact that at the moment I am ill with a fever) and made me wonder how I never thought of how tango works so well with some passages from Shakespeare. The passion, playfulness, and power of the dance mirror the same in Shakespeare's words...

Imagine - Iago whispering jealousy inducing words into Othello's ears as behind them a tango between Cassio and Desdemona plays out in Othello's mind.....

Or the sprites of Midsummer Night dancing a tango through the woods and castle as they bless the lovers' marriage....

Ohhhh, my imagination has been stirred, and a few of my passions - theatre, tango and Shakespeare - have been thrown in the pot.....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ups and Downs and All Arounds....

There is nothing like having it brought to your attention in a crystal clear way that you are still just not good enough. Despite working hard in practice to become a better dancer, despite losing yourself in the music and the movement and enjoying your leader's lead thoroughly.... despite all of that, it can still not be enough. It seems to be a common theme with me, and perhaps with others, I reach a point where I become happy with myself. I am proud of the journey I have taken, I am proud of reaching a point where 90% of the time I am moving well and feeling the music, I am proud of my feet, of my musicality, of my connections. And then, whammo! Apparently not so much. It is exhausting really, and although I know I should not take it personally. I can not help it at times because dancing to me is personal. It is me.

I do know that I am at a point that leaders dance with me not just because I show promise, but because I am now showing a style. Which honestly rocks my world. The other night at my happy milonga, one of my favorite leaders interrupted a conversation I was having because a milonga set was on, he wanted to dance it , and he wanted to dance it with me. You could have given me a puppy and I would not have been happier. It absolutely made my year, that moment. And then shortly after that, on another night, when there were the elite surrounding me, and in 4 and a half hours I danced 5 tandas and two songs. And three of those tandas and one song were with Sorin, they were good tandas and I had a great time dancing with him, but I know that he will dance with me even when the room is heavy with advanced dancers. Sometime near the end of the night, I simply took my shoes off. It seemed farcical to me to keep them on after sitting for almost 90 minutes. Darling that he is, before we left, Sorin danced one more song with me when he was completely out of steam and I was in my stockinged feet. And full of energy, while everyone else was depleted from dancing. Memories of childhood were surfacing, being chosen last for whatever game we were playing as I was the smallest, youngest and slowest in my class. Those feelings , although buried deep, still resonate no matter how old, confident and secure we become in life. Ironic.

The ride home I tried to discuss this unemotionally, but it was hard to do so. I found myself fighting tears a couple of times, desperate to not let the wound show. But wound there was. And it pissed me off that I felt that way. Even now after a little time has passed, it still pisses me off that I am still upset about it. But what to do? Practice harder? Ask for feedback from those who chose to not dance with me? Work on becoming more like the followers that they do ask to dance? Change my perfume? Wear a different color?

I am thinking that I will simply continue on the path I have started on, work towards becoming the dancer I want to be, and do my best to not be upset when I am snubbed, feel slighted, or sit for hours on end.
And maybe, if I am disciplined enough, it will stop smarting when these nights happen....

In the words of a tango blogger whose writings I sorely miss...
me - 5
TangoCoaster - 1.5 million

But a least I have 5.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adventures in.....

Adventures in Commuting

Dear fellow Bostonian Commuter Rail passengers. It never ceases to amaze me that during rush hour, no one wants to scoot over in the 3 seat bench to make room for those of us who board the train mid-line. Burying your head in your Metro paper will not make us disappear or the space beside you look less empty. Move Over!!! The other morning, when I boarded the train, and saw that no one was moving over to allow others to sit, my patience wore thin. Then I saw a woman who was obviously very pregnant walking down the aisle towards me as I walked up the aisle towards hoarded empty seats. We both looked down at this guy who had taken up the seat next to him with his lap top case, papers, coat, and other sundries..... All the while engrossed in a game of FreeCell on his laptop in the hopes that we would just stand there beside him and not notice his urban spread.
My blood pressure rose.

"Excuse me, but it would be great if you you stop your solitaire game long enough to move over and let this lady have a seat."
Both of them looked at me in shock.
"Hmmm... what?" Was his pithy reply
"Move over. She is pregnant and you are rude to ignore it. "
"Oh, uh, I did not notice."
Now she laughs and joins the fray...
"Didn't notice this??" She touches her huge belly. "Well, that is odd considering I am the size of a planet right now."
(I know she stole that from Juno, but it was still funny)
He made a to-do of moving his things aside so that she could sit. Which she happily did. I hear someone chuckling behind me and turned around to see a lady sitting on the 3 seat bench, with an empty seat between her and the person sitting by the window. I raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the empty seat. She stopped laughing, had the grace to look ashamed, and moved over. I then get to sit too.

Really people, I observe more courtesy on the Rte 1 bus which is often full of college students and vagrants where seats are given up to those who need it. I guess the difference in ticket price and home base (city vs suburb) directly correlates to empathy. The more you have, the less you have.