Thursday, January 03, 2008

Savor the old and encourage the new! Happy New Year!

It is one year since I started dancing tango. Thereabout anyway. My first class was in the beginning January of 2007. And it is the beginning of January 2008. What a year it has been. And what a year it is going to be! :-)

Right now I am still basking in the warm glow of dancing for three days straight. The New Year Celebration in Providence was just amazing. Ellen and Robin did such an unbelievable job organizing and hosting this event. It was phenomenal. On all accounts. I wish them rest and relaxation after so much hard work!

There is too much to write about, so I will just talk about some of the highlights and impressions.

It was a room full of amazing dancers New Years Eve. I did not have one mediocre dance, never mind bad, that night. Sorin and I were there from 8pm until 4:30 am, went home to sleep for a little bit, and were back there before noon to keep dancing. Which we did until 2am that night. And then went back the night of the 2nd to take classes with Homer and Christina! Whew!
I was very happy though, as I was moving well, my new black suede CiF's were perfect, and I got to chat, dance and celebrate with friends new and old.

Had some tango moments, which I have not had in awhile. Two lovely leaders from St Louis were there, and I had the absolute pleasure to dance with both of them. One whom I had met before and the other for the first time. Both felt lovely to dance with. Subtle, strong, musical, perfect embrace.... just a whole lot of "sigh! swoon!" in the tandas. Am looking forward to seeing them again!

Then there is the leader from NYC whom I had seen many times, had tried to dance with before and never was able, well this time we connected and danced! After the first dance he asked me why we never danced before, I had to laugh! It is so fun to discover such a great connection with someone you suspected you would enjoy dancing with. He lead this gorgeous little directional change, and gave me latitude to make it small, deep, slow, sharp... whatever I felt in the music, and he would take that motion I began and continue it into the next phrase.... whew! What a high! We only got to dance once for a few tandas during the festival, but I hope the next I am in NYC we get to dance again. :-)

I am not sure if it was my confidence that night, the atmosphere, the leaders, or what, but I was able to offer some voice to most of the dances that I had. Dancing milonga with a good friend he lead a front ocho that turned into a series of tight, fast front ochos. Afterwards he said he did not know how those came about, but they felt so good that he just let me go with it. Cool! :-)
Speaking of milonga - it is absolutely my favorite. I love the rhythm, the steps, the control, the release, just so amazing. And when danced with someone who leads it well, it is breathtaking. I had a few sets of breathtaking milonga, and afterwards I felt like a cat. A sunbathing, cream on the whiskers, sated cat. So cool.....

Class with Homer and Christina were fantastic. Their teaching style is just thought provoking and inspiring. They offer you a concept, let you figure it out, and then see what you have created and offer options in tweaking it into something higher. In three hours I learned more about groundedness and elasticity than I thought possible. Amazingly helpful. And they are so open, and so generous with their knowledge, I wish that they were staying longer so I could take more classes with them! Definitely money well spent, and I will certainly look for them in the future!

All in all a dream of a New Year, I spent 72 hours with friends and the man I love dancing, sharing, celebrating and connecting both on and off the dance floor.
Really, what more could one ask for?!

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tangobaby said...

Sounds like a wonderful end to your tango year and a great way to bring in the new one. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.