Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Warriors

It is amazing how the fall comes and life just winds up and lets loose.
So busy, and yet so much to do!
And this past weekend I danced. Yes, I danced. I found myself again, and I just had the best time. Friday night we went to Providence and even though there were not a huge amount of people, the turn out for a Friday was actually really good and I rediscovered how to dance. It felt great. I was so relieved as I really was getting depressed about the rut I seemed to have fallen into. But all was well, and all felt good.

Saturday was a morning full of yard sales. ;-) Sorin and I drove all over the place, finding things that others no longer needed, but we did. We bought skis, boots and poles for $15. Each of us. Yea! So now I am going to learn to ski this winter! One yard sale was selling veggies and herbs from their garden, so I bought a bag of tomatoes and they were so yummy...... I found a silver butter dish that was in need of some cleaning, but was a good find. And we also bought a fainting couch. What a wonderful, eccentric, fun time!

Sunday was practica, and although we got there late due to picking up some glass panes for the garage (don't ask, it was such the task. And I am such the wimp when it comes to ants and lifting heavy items.....), it was a very productive day. It was in fact a light dawn on marble head day as we discovered that the majority of my balance issues was the fact that I was not as giving with my right arm when things got funky in balance. I was trying to maintain the position of my arm as opposed to letting it move to compensate for balance, both my and my leader's. Well who knew it would immediately make me more stable?!?!? I had been told as a beginner to never allow my arm to move past a certain point, so I never have. And that, apparently, was one of those "nevers" that really was a "Never when you are a beginner" things. I told Sorin to tell me right then and there all the things that no longer were an absolute, and he said everything. Ha! Great! Well that clears it up! heh heh heh, but really, it was amazing how much more grounded and balanced I was when I was not trying to keep my arm within a certain space.

It felt odd to not have our weekend full of tango, but it was also good as the weather was beautiful here, cool and warm with that autumnal crisp that underscores the air. And there was plenty of things to fill our time. Next weekend in the NYC festival, so it will be 4 days of complete tango.... I can't wait! :-)

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