Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tango Crush

I really do have such the crush on Murat and Michelle. I just love watching them, I enjoy their classes, and I adore the chemistry that they have in the dance - so beautiful to watch.

I mean, really how could you not smile at the joy they share here?
Maybe one day I can have half the presence Michelle has and I would be happy beyond belief.....


Anonymous said...

murat is talented, but i liked his dancing much better with mariana galassi. his musicality is now a bit 'cheap' sometimes.

michelle's dancing looks a bit immature to me.

Debbi said...

Well, everyone has their own preferences for style, which is what makes tango so interesting.

As far as Michelle's tango being immature, I have to disagree, I believe that she has been dancing tango for about three years (I could be completely remembering my conversation with her incorrectly, so someone correct me if I am wrong), and for 3 years I think she is exceptionally polished and elegant.