Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back in the Saddle....

Last night was my first time dancing since the NYC tango festival. I finally felt well enough to dance and I was well past the contagious stage, so I had no fear of infecting others with the little blighters that took me down for a week.

It felt good to move and dance, but I did not do so well. I did ok I think, but I was stiff and out of practice, so I was not really moving well. Although by the end of the night I was better. I had loosened up and relaxed into the music. Which was great by the way, and I am not saying that because I am sleeping with last night's DJ. ;-) It really was good, head a shoulders better than what they usually have, and I heard that from multiple sources. I find it very amusing that people come up to me to give feedback to Sorin, they don't always wish to give it directly to him. Guess I am either his ambassador or their buffer.... heh heh.

I did not dance much last night. There were a couple leaders whom I would have loved to dance with, one a friend of mine just back from BsAs and I am glad to see that he still dances like himself but he is very refined and polished now. I can't wait to dance with him and hear about his trip. But I did not want to dance with him while I was still working out the kinks, I want to be myself when we dance. Hopefully this weekend I will get an opportunity to dance with him. The other leader I have never danced with, but he is easily one of the best in Boston. Hell, Sorin has danced with him ;-) - maybe at some point I'll get the opportunity, but again, I want to be in a good place if he asks me, and last night was not it.

There was one leader whom I have known since I started this past January and I danced with for the first time last night. It was an absolute blast! He is incredibly athletic, and he challenges his followers in ways I have never been challenged before. You have to completely relax and allow him to take you on the trip. Luckily, as soon as I was in his embrace, I knew I was completely safe. He immediately compensated for any error or missed lead on my part and smoothly transitioned into the next athletic twist, turn, jump, lift.... you name it, he leads it. I felt rather like a doll, as I have never been lifted, tossed, or whatevered like that before, but it was a ton of fun. I tried to be completely relaxed and go with the lead, and I think I almost succeeded in that. It is funny, the really "dangerous" stuff I was completely relaxed on (lifts, jumps, etc.) - but it was the little tight steps and turns that I would get tense on. oh well. I hope we dance again soon and I can get accustomed to his style. Sorin missed it as he was dancing at the time. But I would be curious to know how it looked from the outside, as it was a wild ride inside the embrace! Funny enough, I danced with Sorin almost immediately afterwards and I really focused on being calm and connected with him, as I joked that after dancing with F, I was a shaken soda can. ha!

Otherwise I chatted with my crazy Russian friend whom I have not seen in awhile, and other friends whom I had not seen in weeks due to NYC and then that dastartly flu. So although there was not much dancing, it was a nice night and I enjoyed myself. I am looking forward to getting back in the groove after being sidelined for so long.

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