Sunday, September 16, 2007

weekend woes.....

Some days I really get tired of my body getting in the way of my fun. No tango this weekend. Which is depressing. Last night I had a terrible headache that I think was related to the change in weather and barometric pressure. I just could not shake it, and I was not in any shape to dance. And today, my body decided to start the monthly ritual of pain and suffering early. And with cramps like these, who can think of disassociating your torso in pivots? ugh..... not me. So instead, Advil is my friend, as is mug after steaming mug of hot tea. Something about cupping a mug of hot fragrant tea makes things feel better.

But all was not lost in tango, I did dance Friday night, and I had a great night. After what seems like forever but is really only since I got back from Tanglewood, I have not really been able to dance well. Or at least in my estimation, consistently well. But Friday night I did. It was Milonga Naranja, which I enjoy very much. And Tova and Carlos host a guided practica before the milonga, which I always find helpful. They are such great people and good instructors, that I know any question I have will get answered and worked on. So practica first, and then the milonga. Where I was happy with every tanda I danced. I got to dance with K for the first time in months, and it was so much fun. He predominately likes to dance in open, and now that I am more comfortable dancing in open, and can take the long steps (with my balance intact) required for some of the moves he likes to lead, I had a blast. We danced three tandas, and I grinned like a Cheshire Cat through all of them. He is just such a good dancer, and I am glad we got to dance again. It was all the usual suspects at the milonga, and I enjoyed myself immensely. And I think that might have been the key to my success that night. I was just enjoying myself. I was not worried about what I was doing, how I was moving, or what the leaders might have been thinking about that slight hesitation or misstep that happened 1 and 3/8ths of the way through the second song of the tanda..... the hesitations and missteps were still there, I did not suddenly become a tango goddess, but I did not focus so much on them. And I tried not to focus on any issues with my leader, I just enjoyed the dance and enjoyed the person I was dancing with. And you know what, I need to remember to do that all the time. Working on technique and movement is always important, but if I forget to enjoy myself and my partner, then why bother? I had fallen right back into worrying what was thought of me instead of enjoying the moment and the connection. I think that controlled relaxation is the appropriate analogy for tango. :-)

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Caroline said...

"And I think that might have been the key to my success that night. I was just enjoying myself. "

Bingo. Same for me.