Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Start of the Season!!!

I just got a new design gig with an up and coming professional theatre, and I am quite excited about it. The play is The Importance of Being Ernest, which is my favorite Oscar Wilde play, and one of my favorite comedies. Really witty, fast paced, and so indicative of the time. And then there is the clothes..... yum. This period is great for men and women, which is a treat. Great cuts for men, gorgeous gowns for women, and ohhhh.... the hats! I am renting the costumes, but building the hats! Tell me this does not look like fun! I am so looking forward to this project!


STANGO said...

Is that a poodle atop the hat of Lunagirl? :-)

Debbi said...

no, no, no..... a pekingese!

Elizabeth said...

Debbi, the above is the website of my cousin in San Diego, who is famous for her fantastic hats. Women from all over the world buy them and have them custom made. Just thought you might enjoy. She researched all the history, and learned the old ways of creating hats of all sort.