Sunday, August 26, 2007

The weekend that wasn't

Food Poisoning. Really possibly one of the worst experiences ever. And on top of having food poisoning, I got it the weekend of the LongaMilonga when Robin Thomas was DJing. Really, it could not have been worse.
And yes I survived. Mostly.... poor Sorin though..... he got it much worse than I did. Poor guy. I made mention at one point while we were groaning in unison that I preferred different bonding moments, and could we please move on to more pleasant ones..... ;-)

This morning I had to drag my tired butt out of bed, just as I had gotten comfortable enough to sleep, and drive 2.5 hours west to pick up my goddaughter who is staying at "Camp Debbi" for a few days. Getting up was rough, but seeing her happy smiling face made it all worth it.

We went food shopping when we got back to Boston as I had no food in the house and although my stomach was not interested in food, I knew that her little body would be. So we agreed to make pizza for dinner, and then I let her chose what fruit we would buy. I just about had an accident in the aisle from laughing when I told her to pick the fruit. Her little face became very serious and she climbed out of the monstrosity of a child's shopping cart (you know the one, where the front is a car and there is no possible way to steer the damn thing around any corner without taking whole displays down), and she walked up and down the fruit displays. Looking at all the fruit. Little hands on hips, deciding what looked good. Finally she announced "Plum, Peaches and Pears". Apparently our shopping trip was brought to us by the letter P. I also was talked into Pop Tarts. I am not sure how this happened. But I was talked into Blueberry Pop Tarts. But I tried to make a stand and would not buy the frosted ones.

Then the "What's this?" and "This looks interesting" started with cookies and sugar cereal. My new response to those questions is "Yes, and we are not buying it."

Once we got home I pulled out the pizza stone and prepped the pizza dough. Pulled up a chair, and she climbed up next to me, and explained how much sauce to use. You'd think she was a wizened little Sicilian the way she talked about how bad too much sauce was. In went the pizza once it was properly put together, then out came the crayons as we waited for it to be done.

I have to say, the kid knows her pizza sauce proportions!

After dinner we took a walk to Target to buy stick glue as she has an activity book that she wants to work in and some of the activities include glue. After grabbing the glue, she looks up at me with innocent eyes and says "Well, while we are here, we might as well check out the toy section. You never know what you might want to buy me." HA!!! Brilliant kid!!!
And yes, she did leave the store with a new toy. Although I did tell her she could not spend more than $10. So she had to choose wisely. One Pound Puppy and $9,98 poorer, we left the store. Her elated, me shaking my head in wonder at the power of a 6 year old who has intelligence and cunning.

Tomorrow we head to the Aquarium and the IMAX movie theatre.

But I refuse to buy her a penguin!


Elizabeth said...

O.K. I've been hearing a lot about food poisoning from tango dancers lately. I have noticed that at the buffet tables there are some shocking behaviours regarding touching food, putting food back, using the fork to eat something and then sticking it back into the platter...etc. Also people using other people's water bottles! I was really amazed the first time someone picked up my bottle and drank from it when I was away from my table. Just saying...
I know we are all sharing germs to some degree anyway, and this is not the way you got your ailment, but still....something to think about out there.

tangospeak said...

Hey, a little late now but sorry to hear about the food poisoning, especially cause it make you miss the LongaMilonga. Hopefully, your trip to Montreal will make up for it.

Debbi said...

I have no doubt that Montreal will more than make up for the LongaMilonga! Of course, I had to torture myself and look at the pictures from the LongaMilonga, and I saw some of my favorite leaders, some whom I do not see often at all as they are from NYC there.... and I was not..... *sigh*
Soon..... NYC and the Montreal!!!