Friday, August 03, 2007


There are bats in the eaves of the house I am staying in. They come out at dusk and swoop into the yard, enjoying an appetizer if mosquitoes before they move on to their nocturnal wanderings. Last couple of nights I have sat on the back porch with a bottle of wine and watched them swoop and chirp sonar into the night. I have been melancholy as death as touched my family again and I am headed home this weekend for the funeral. Funny how a little thing like watching the bats come out at dusk is actually a little theraputic.

As far as tango goes, I did make it to the practica Tuesday night, and was pleased with the welcome I received from the small community. And I do mean small, I think there was about 9 people there. Unfortunately, it was pretty much entirely alternative music. And open embrace. Not what I was looking forward to. But since I was the only face they did not know, everyone was very nice to the new kid in the space. It was not what I needed tango wise, but I do appreciate the welcome I received.

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