Sunday, August 05, 2007

It was the Worst of times, it was the Best of times...

Yesterday was an odd day. A tough and difficult day. But a good day.

The funeral I came back for was at 8am. Hideously early in the morning, but what can you do. So I was up at the crack of dawn and left a very comfortable bed and boy behind to go be with my family. It was an emotionally draining day, but also an uplifting day as family and friends gathered together and reminisced about the life of the person we will all miss terribly. That was lovely. It made everything lighten a little. It was also my mother's birthday yesterday, and I kept thinking how tough it must have been to share your birthday with the funeral of a loved one. Bittersweet day indeed.

Mid-afternoon I headed back to Sorin's and we decided to go to the milonga last night. I thought that some dancing would be wonderful after such an emotional day. I was right. Everyone was surprised to see me, which was a lovely feeling. And I danced all night. Even though I did not dance for two weeks really (I can not really count the alternative practica, as I did not really get to dance then), I felt only slightly rusty and missed a few things that I knew I could follow, and it just felt fantastic to dance again. The embrace felt especially wonderful last night. I am sure it was an emotional response to the day's emotional drain, but every time I settled into the embrace, it was just so soothing. I began and ended the night with Sorin, and as always, it just felt wonderful to dance with him. Most of my favorite leads were there last night, and I was able to dance with most of them. I had all three of the S's in one room, and danced with all three in a row, which was perfect. There is also a new beginner lead in town, B, who has only been dancing for two months, but it is amazing how fast he has progressed and learned in that time. Granted, he was a salsa dancer and teacher for 8 years before he found tango, but still, he is leading really well for only two months. And he aims high too! I noticed after dancing with him that he asked every teacher in the room for a dance! Ha! Now that takes some guts! Even Sorin was impressed. It will be interesting to watch his progression, and I am going to enjoy finding out how much he has improved every time we dance.

Today I head back to the woods and the lack of technology for two and a half more weeks. But I did have my kitchen tango Friday night, and I am sure I will have another before I leave today to tide me over the 10 days I have left away. :-)

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