Tuesday, August 28, 2007

funny sweet moments

Been having a blast with my goddaughter. She's a riot. At 6 she not only has an amazing vocabulary but she just says the most honest and pure things. Here's some highlights...

*We are on the T, heading into Boston, and she looks across at two teenagers sitting directly opposite us and states "They are very pretty, too bad they wear so much make-up. Some one should tell them they would be prettier without all that make-up." Uhm.... I think someone just did.... ;-)

*We are walking to the bus and we walk past someone who is smoking. She looks up at him with all the indignity of the world on her face and states "Don't you know that smoking is bad for you? Doesn't your mommy worry that you smoke?!?!"

*She is telling me about one of her cats at home and states "She's a pretty cat, but she is not a good listener of me."

And my favorite compliment she has ever given me
*You smell really good, just like a fairy godmother should smell."


la nuit blanche said...

that last line is so adorable!

this beautiful, precocious child is going to grow up to be president! especially with such a loving godmother by her side. :)


David said...

what a superb compliment.

Debbi said...

Yes, I think that the last one pretty much melted my heart into a liquid puddle of happy. Of course, she immediately got whatever she asked for next, which lucky me, was a book. *Sigh, the power of purity....