Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finding the groove again

Last night we went to the Wednesday night milonga, I was reticent to go as this is not one of my favorite milongas, the music is usually not to my liking and the level of dance is generally more beginner level. But there was a tango god in town teaching the class before hand, and Sorin wanted to dance with her, so we went. And I ended up glad that I did.

One of my favorite leaders has not danced with me in quite a while, and when I said hello to him the other night, I got a rather cool reception. And I was not sure why on either count. I decided that I would ask him if I had upset or offended him in some way, as I really missed dancing with him. And tonight was the night to ask that. We arrived and found a table and sat down. Sorin immediately started watching for the god in order to invite her as soon as she was free, so I knew I was not going to be dancing with him any time soon. I was a little put out by that, but what can you do, I knew he really only came to dance with her. So we were sitting there for a few minutes, and the leader in question comes up to the table with a big smile and invites me to dance. Yea!!! I was thrilled. And off we went. After the first song ended he asked me where I had been, he had missed me, and I told him of my working out in the Berkshires for the past month. He told me that for not having danced in 5 weeks, I was doing exceptionally well. Ahhh, the ego boost! I knew my balance was still not where it should be and that I was still not where I was before I left, but it was still nice to hear that I did not completely go down the drain dance wise! Turns out the lack of dancing between the two of us was just logistics, neither of us being free when we looked for each other. What a relief! And what a maroon I felt like for thinking it was something else. But you never know unless you ask. Lucky me, he made up for lost time and danced with me four times over the course of the night for two tandas each. It was great, he dances milonguero style, which I adore, and when a milonga set came on, I was in heaven.

I also danced with a lovely older gentleman, Russian, who is just a wonderful person. As is his wife. The two of them crack me up as they are just so very Russian, as in they are very blunt and honest when they talk with you. We had a lovely vals tanda and at the end he said to me "We danced a while ago, and you were ok. But now, it is like you are a different person. So lovely to dance with!" Ha!! I love the Eastern European complement. It is not one jot more than what they mean, but they mean what they say so very sincerely.

I had more good tandas, which made me happy. And a wide range of leader styles. All of them leaders that I like very much. There is one leader whom I will always dance with as he was so kind and patient with me when I was beginning, who has a wonderful way of asking me to dance. He will approach me and ask to be added "to my dance card" for the night, and when I was free to come find him. How on earth could you possibly say no to that?!?! I usually will dance a milonga set with him as he loves milonga and is really fun to dance with.

So for not wanting to go, I ended up very glad that I did.


Caroline said...

Good thing you didn't stay home!

Maria said...

Sorin did dance with you though.... right? I hope he did not just dance with the teacher.
Glad things are getting better after your long hiatus!

Debbi said...

Hi Caroline! Yes! I am glad that I was convinced to go. It was definitely worth it.
Maria, yes, Sorin did dance with me. lol, sorry if I gave the impression that he did not.

La Nuit Blanche said...

it sounds like you had an amazing night!! i will live vicariously through you, and be brave for my next milonga. :)

i think i've figured out a way to tell if a man is an experienced and gentlemanly lead. it's all in the way he asks. since the cabeceo is not practiced here in the US, i think we should be extra perceptive about body language when men come up to us to ask for dances. the Dance Card man sounds so charming!

kisses from nyc,
la nuit.