Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back Home

Arrived back in Boston Thursday, and pretty much collapsed. I was so tired and worn out, but it felt really good to be back. And of course, despite my exhaustion, there was a practica that night! Sorin was DJing, so of course I was going. ;-) So after a quick nap and dinner, we headed to the practica and I danced for the first time in a few weeks. I felt off and a little stiff, but moving was good. And Sorin's music was, as always, great. i may be a little biased, but there were others who second my opinion that his music is really well crafted. It was a good night and I slept really well that night!

Last night I went to the Saturday night milonga with Sorin, and it was really lovely to go back after being away for so long. I felt so very rusty though. I began the night dancing with Sorin, which is the best way to open the milonga in my mind :-). But I just did not feel like I was really there and on. It showed that I had not danced in awhile. I was not overly grounded, and every once in awhile my feet would do something other than what I wanted them to, and I had to laugh as it had been awhile since that had happened. But as the night went on, I warmed up, and the rust fell away.

Last night there was live music at the milonga, Tito Castro. It was really, really good. I am not usually a fan of dancing to live music, but I have to admit that I really did enjoy Tito's music not only to listen to but to dance to as well. His entire first set I danced with S2, and it was just amazingly lovely. Of course, being one of my favorite leaders, I knew I would have a great time, but Tito's music was just exceptional. I am not sure how many songs were in the set I danced with S2, but it was most likely about 30 or 40 minutes that we danced. It really was lovely to be moving again and dancing. I had missed it so!

The night itself was good, I had some great dances, chatted with some people I had not seen in awhile, and danced with some leaders who always danced with me when I was starting out. I really enjoy dancing with them, as I remember how kind they were to me in the beginning, and they are always so complimentary when we dance now, how could I possibly ever refuse them?!? I ended the night dancing with Sorin, and although I was certainly moving better than I had in the beginning of the night, we were both tired, and giggled as we became silly dancing to Tito's La Cumparsita. But it felt good to be that tired at the end of the night from tango, and not from working a 13 hour day after 5 hours of sleep.

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Caroline said...

Welcome home! I was thinking if I could handle it, being so far away from the nearest decent milonga. I don't think I could handle it as well as you did.
Must have felt so good to strap on those red Comme Il Fauts again.