Monday, July 16, 2007

Tango Shoe Bags

Well, it has finally happened. Tango has crossed the line into my professional world. I am now a tango vendor. I will be a vendor at Tango de los Muertos with my shoe bags and light weight knit wrap tops for women.

I started making shoe bags because I absolutely HATED the cheap, fiber bags that you got for free with your tango shoes. They fell apart too easily and were ugly. The bags that come with your Comme il Faut shoes are better, but the satin is cheap and the colors are a little muddy. I have made a shoe bag to match each shoe I own, and I store my shoes in the bags. So I just grab the green satin Oriental print bag if I want my green shoes, or the Red Satin bag if I want my Comme il Faut red suede shoes. I don't worry about the shoes getting dusty as they are safe in the bag, and I keep the shoes separated, so they don't bang against each other. Since I have a thing for suede shoes, and suede is very susceptible to nicks and bumps, this has been a great way to keep them as pristine as possible.

And I am going to start offering my shoe bags through my blog to my readers who are interested. I will post pictures soon, have to borrow Sorin's camera to take some good pictures of what I have already made. But if you are interested in purchasing a shoe bag or two, drop me a line and let me know. I have many fabrications available, from silk to satin to wool to linen. And every color in the rainbow. There are two styles for women, a single pouch bag with a divider, and a double pouch bag similar to the Comme il Faut bags but slightly better in construction. I also make bags for men that are dark wool or linen and are larger than the women's bags in both styles. The price is going to be $15.00US per bag, shipping cost will be additional, depending on what type of shipment you prefer. (I will ship internationally, let me know where you are and I'll let you know the price options for shipment). I will also be making more ornamental bags with embroidery and/or appliques, they will be $20-$25US depending on the design.

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