Friday, July 13, 2007

Sorin and I dancing in Montreal

Here is the video of Sorin and I dancing at L'Academie, which Caroline was so kind as to tape for us. It is a whole tanda, so be warned it is not a short clip. Excpet for one bobble in the middle of the second tango, I am rather pleased with how it looks. Not bad for a follower who has been dancing less than 7 months! Obviously there are things that need work, I have resigned myself to the fact that there always will be, but on the whole, this tape made me happy.


La Tanguera said...

Dear Debbi,

I really think you look absolutely beautiful dancing! (And, incidentally, yes, it is amazing for someone who's been dancing for less than 7 months, but also for someone who'd been dancing much longer...!) :)

Aside from that--wonderful Bali pants!! (They really bounce nicely in this style of close embrace) :)

Sofia said...

Hello Debbi..
Congrats for your video..
I´m Sofia Garcia from Mexico, and recently I was looking for info about shoes. I ended in a discussion about what to NOT wear in tango.. in a blog named "Learning argentinian tango" (or something like that haha) and I saw your comment that you were going to buy a pair from there. Did you get the pair ?? Are they good and comfortable?? I´m interested in buying a pair but not sure because of the bad critics hehe...
Well I hope you can help me in my decision! Thanx!


Debbi said...

Hi Tanguera!
Thank you very much, that is very sweet to say.
And yes, the Bali pants are fantastic. Very comfy and so nice and drapey!

Tango Goddess said...

Nice dancing, Debbi! Only 7 months??? Enviable! Really nice feet (placement, I mean). Take care, and happy dancing.

Debbi said...

Thank you Tango Goddess! It took a long time to make collection a muscle memory action! Now it feels odd if I don't.....
I have been reading and enjoying your blog immensely, thank you for your insights on BsAs!!

Debbi said...

Hi Sofia
I ended up not buying those shoes as there were multiple issues with ordering them, and I was not happy with the lack of attention from tango-wear. Instead I splurged and bought a pair of red suede Comme Il Fauts, and have not looked back since. I can not recommend Comme Il Fauts enough, I have finally learned it is better to spend lots of money on one quality pair of shoes than buy many OK shoes for the same amount. Good luck to you!