Monday, July 02, 2007


This weekend was the LongaMilonga at Providence. I always look forward to this event as it usually draws the best of the best, is a fantastic space and the DJs are always great. This month Adam Hoopengardner was the DJ and he taught a milonga class before the milonga. I fully expected the class to be well attended as milonga is a weak spot in the Boston scene, many could due with a good solid basics class in milonga, myself very much included. To my surprise, the class was a total of 7 people. 7. That was so disappointing. Adam is a wonderful milonga dancer and his teaching technique is very good, so I thought it would be more of a draw. But then the milonga started and the attendance was the weakest I have ever seen. This weekend there was an all night milonga in NYC and two milongas in Boston, so the attendance in Providence was rather low. So I better understood why the class was so poorly attended. It is sad when the Providence events are not strongly attended. Ellen does such an amazing job with this place, and I just love the events there. People really should take the effort to drive there as it is so worth it.

At the LongaMilonga, I had an opportunity to dance with Adam, and it was just so lovely. I was almost denied the dance though. I had just danced for 5 tandas straight with two different leaders and had just poured myself some water when a beginner approached and asked for a dance. I said I needed one song to rest and have some water. So he agreed to wait and went a few tables away to sit. Then Adam approached and asked for a dance. I was like a deer in headlights. I so-o-o-o wanted to say yes, but I did not want to be rude to the beginner, so I explained to Adam that I had just accepted a tanda but I REALLY wanted to dance with him. Adam was very lovely and promised that we would dace later. Which relieved my mind as Adam certainly is a lead I do not want to turn down ever. He asked me soon after my dance with the beginner, and I happily accepted. I danced better than I did the last time I danced with him, which was a month ago or so. I was so nervous the last time, I have no idea what I did. But this time I was able to relax and enjoy his lead, which is so crystal clear and gentle it is a pleasure to dance with him. I had a good night of dancing, even though the milonga was lightly attended, a lot of my favorite local leads were there, and Adam's music was really good, as always.
HERE is a link to a picture of me with one of my favorite leaders and friends, pretty good! I wish I could say that I was wearing white stockings, but that is my fair Irish complexion....

There is another lead who has moved back to the area whom i would love to dance with. He looks like silk when he dances, and all of his followers have that soft bliss face when they dance with him. I have tried to cabaceo him at the last two events that he was at, but to no avail. I still have such a hang-up about approaching a leader to dance that I do know, never mind one that I don't know! But Sorin gave me a good piece of advice on how to approach a leader you don't know, and I think the next time I see this lead (another S! Ha! Deb's tango dance is brought to you by the letter S....) I will take his advice and approach him. We'll see..... I wonder if I will ever become comfortable asking for a dance. There are a few leaders that I can easily ask for a dance, but these are friends. Funny though, I am completely at ease with the cabaceo. I have used that multiple times, I even used it in NYC to invite leaders I did not really know to dance, and that was fine. It is the whole approaching thing that I have a hard time with. I think I look at it as if they wanted to dance with me, they would approach me. If they don't approach, then they must not want to dance with me.

Ack. Maybe I need to get over myself.

In another world related to tango, I think I did something to my feet from dancing. To my toes actually. I mentioned a few months ago that I had pain in my toes from dancing, I started using pads for the balls of my feet and that helped for awhile, but this past weekend the pain came back, and to an extent that I had to lay down for awhile while sharp pains pulsed through my ankles down to my toes. And for the last two days I have had residual pain in my toes. I thought at first it was my ankle, but it is my toes. Made an appointment with my doctor for this week before Sorin and I leave for Montreal and we'll see what he says. Of course, what he is going to say is to stop dancing 5 days a week in 4" heels, but that is not giong to happen, so we'll see what his plan B is.


David said...

Hi Debbi,

I'd like to encourage you to ask leaders to dance sometimes.

As a leader, I love being asked because I'm quite shy and find it hard to ask someone I don't already know.

Also, when I ask it's rare to be refused and I often wonder if she really wants to dance with me? or just wants a dance with anyone?.

Being asked is a lovely compliment as it means that I've been picked rather than one of the other leaders.


m i l e s said...


Now you know what it feels like to walk up to a complete stranger and extend your hand and wait for the acceptance or rejection. Its that moment of do I get to dance with person or do I gotta go away with my tail between my legs. Always nerve wracking. Then again, its easy once you get used to the inevitable that sometimes, your intended, yes that was the word I was looking for, 'partner' is just as giddy to dance with you as you are with them...and well it just makes the whole process that much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Arnica, girlfriend. No, I didn't just cuss at you. It's a homeopathic analgesic and then some. It probably won't help the shooting pain, but it does magic for sore and bruised muscles (which may help relax you and perhaps relieve some of the shooting pain). And by magic I mean that when I get home from dancing and my toes are numb and my feet are still throbbing, I rub it on (it smells quite nice) and within fifteen minutes I can walk without limping. You can probably find it in an herb shop or a co-op that specializes in healthy foods. It's often mixed with St. John's wort, etc. I hope the pain is nothing serious. Also, ice!