Thursday, July 12, 2007

Leaving so Soon?!?

Yes, we are. It feels as though we just got here, and now we are packing up and heading south again. It was a trip filled with both good and disappointing times. But the good outweigh everything else. I'll post more later, once I've had some real sleep, but the International Festival was a disappointment. The milognas were expensive, which we knew going in, but there was no bang for your buck so to speak. Most nights the DJ was pretty awful. He played music that was obscure, unknown, and often undanceable. He liked it. No one else really did. The one thing I did appreciate though, was that when he played music that people did not like, they did not dance. And usually the better dancers were the ones sitting out the awful tandas. Not that the DJ seemed to mind that of a room of 200 people or so, there were maybe 20 - 30 on the dance floor. But I think that showing your dissatisfaction with the music by not dancing is the proper response. Even if the DJ does not pick up on it.

However, there was one exception, Tuesday, Michel was the DJ (he is the regular DJ at L'Academie on Sundays, which is possibly the best milonga I have been to. Period.)And his music was fantastic.

Our last night there, Wednesday, we went to Studio Tango and met up with our friend Caroline one last time. This was the highlight of the trip and I am so glad that we left on a high. I danced all night, and without one bad tanda. In fact the best dance of the night was with a lovely new friend we made while up there, and I think the only "figures" he did was an orcho cortada or two and molinettes. That's it. The rest was dynamic changes and musicality within the salida. It was beyond lovely and one of the dances that really stands out to me. Caroline also danced with him, and the both of us just glowed afterwards. It was one of those types of leaders.

Caroline was kind enough to tape Sorin and I one night at L'Academie, and I'll post that soon.

I am so sad to be leaving Montreal. This city is fast feeling like home to me. I love the tango scene, yes, but the people are lovely. I can't count how many times Sorin and I were on the motorcycle, looking at a map, and people would stop and ask us if we needed directions. That does not happen in Boston. And the city is so lively, so interesting. Sigh.... I've fallen in love with that city.... ;-)

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caroline said...

Hey, so nice to have you two in Montreal! I danced with that neotango guy you warned me about. Couldn't really say no. We were at the park in Little Italy. Gawd, I said thanks after 2 songs but you know, at least, it was definitely an exercise in..uh..humour. I couldn't stop laughing. He took it as a compliment. ;)