Friday, June 15, 2007

You'll turn into a pumpkin at midnight...... so stop dancing!

Last night was my first real night at the Boston Festival. And all I can say is I am somewhat embarrassed at my hometown's festival. 8:30 to midnight. Yea, exactly, midnight. This is not the average Wednesday night milonga, this is a festival, we should be going until 2 or 3am. Not ending at midnight when I am just getting going and don't feel the need to sit and rest yet. It's crazy. I don't get it and it is starting to aggravate me as well as most everyone I spoke with. It feels like the milonga is aborted before it can actually come full term. I danced and chatted with a lovely leader from the Russia and he wanted to know why Boston ended so early. I felt the need to tell him about all the other milongas that did not end so early, but I had to admit that I was stumped as to why on earth each festival milonga was 3 and a half hours long. Really, look at the web site - each milonga is only 3.5 hours long. Including the "All Night Milonga" Saturday night that starts at 1am and goes until 4:30. Oh, and they are having it in a neighborhood where there is no non-residential overnight parking. And the T stops running at 1am. So anyone who drives there is most likely going to get a ticket.
Grrrrrrrrrrrr........ grumble grumble grumble.........

So last night, after a not so fabulous start - I was a little off and not really feeling great considering that the floorcraft was ABOMINABLE. I was hit in the head, hard mind you, by a leader who was passing Sorin and I on the outer, oh, let's call it lane for want of any actual name for it. I don't know what he was doing, but he walloped me pretty good and then KEPT ON DANCING! I was glad that I had a bunch of little clips in my hair so he most likely had some pain as well, and I thought that Sorin was going to lay him out. And this was at the beginning of the night, when there was lots of room. I don't know what is going on, but I may start executing rogue boleos as a defense mechanism.

But, all in all, I had fun, despite there being no time it seemed. I danced with some lovely people from all over, as well as some local favorites (yes, S3, you are one of the local favorites, heh heh!). I danced pretty much all night, there were a couple of times when I was heading back to my seat to sit down and someone would appear and offer their hand before I could completely lower my butt into the seat. That must have been a graceful moment! ;-) So despite the bumper car like floor craft, I did have a good time.

Then there was the last song scandal. Yep. It was a scandal I tell you. Well, at least in my mind.... Sorin and I always dance the last song together. It's an understood, and I really like it. Especially since I did not dance with him at all since the very beginning of the milonga. So I was dancing with fellow blogger Miles, who was very sweet to mention me in his blog post today, and La Cumparsita came on, I began to excuse myself to Miles, explaining that I always dance the last song with Sorin, and Miles told me that this was not the last song, there would be one more that they would announce. So we ended the tanda, and DJ Tine announced last song, another version of La Cumparsita - which was confusing to me, it is traditionally the last song, so it should be the last song, not the last song, twice played. So I excused myself again to Miles and headed over to the table. I got there, and started looking around. No Sorin. Hmmm.... odd..... I saw him here when I was dancing with Miles..... Started looking on the dance floor and there he was. Dancing with one of the argentine instructors. True, it was a tango god that he was dancing with, but it was the last song. MY song. Okaaaaaay.... So I sat down and took off my shoes to show that I was not going to dance with someone else. One leader approached me, looked at my feet and gave me an odd questioning look. And so I sat. Most definitely un-pleased and starting to work towards pissed. I know, I know, he had a tango god. I kept saying that. It did not help. The second La Cumparsita ended, and I put on my street heels that I had worn over. Sorin appeared, and he knew. He apologized and promised me a kitchen tango, or two, or three. I think my exact words were "I know you were dancing with a tango god, but I don't care. The last song is mine. And I did not get it." He jumped up and started rummaging in his bag. Uhmm... hello? Un-pleased girlfriend? Can your bag wait? And just as I was starting to get truly pissed, he pulled out his phone and pulled up one of our favorite songs, "Re, Fa, Si", played it on speaker, pulled me in close, held the phone up to our ears, and gave me a beautiful last dance. Very sweet, and rather romantic solution to his error. Here are two pictures that Miles took of us, who was lovely enough to give me permission to use. There is also a video of it on Miles' blog as well as Sorin's blog if anyone is curious to see it. You can also read Sorin's side of the story at his blog post. It's good to get all sides of a scandal! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story about "the last dance". I read Miles, Sorin, and then your version. I am inspired by your ability to be honest and direct. I also am happy that Sorin was able to make a really bad moment better so romantically and creatively. It's good, too, that Miles added this to his blog, I like the happy ending the video of you and Sorin dancing together represents, especially in comparison to the somewhat less than desirable aspects of the Festival that you've all blogged about.