Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Roommate Game

Discovered that both of my roommates are moving out. One I knew about, the other was a bit of a surprise. And considering that my lease is up at the end of July, and I am spending most of July through August out in Tanglewood working, that rather puts me behind the proverbial 8 ball. So I have spent the last week frantically trying to work out a new roommate situation as well as securing a one month extension on our lease. The last was easy, my landlords are lovely, albeit odd, people who would like me to stay, so they happily agreed to an extension so I could have some more time to find some roommates. Which is turning out to be harder than I thought.

I originally found this place on craig's list, so I thought I would post there since my roommates had good luck with it. Hey, they found me! :-) I have had some potential responses, and am showing the place to two people tonight, but some of the responses.... damn! Do people really not pay attention to how they come across? Or what they sound like?

Here is a sampling (I've changed some of the e-mails slightly, but the gist is intact)

*What bars are in the area of the place?

- This was the extent of the e-mail. Nothing else sent. Do I really want to spend time explaining where all of the bars are in the vicinity of the apartment? Especially since I wrote in the ad the general area of the apartment? No. Do I want a roommate who's sole interest is where the bars are? No.

*Is the rent $1800 each? What are the utility bills?

-Uhmm... well... let's see... the title for my ad was "$600 - 2 bedrooms available in 3 bedroom apartment." Then further down I explained that the total rent for the apartment was $1800 and we would each pay $600 along with 1/3 of the utilities - which I listed out the approximate bills per month for warm months and cold months. Do I want a roommate who can not read? No.

* What do you look like?

- Well, I am a six foot, 110lb blonde model who likes to walk around in her sheer underwear eating popsicles.....
This was the only question he sent me. I simply deleted it rather than send him the above response and dash his hopes.....

* I work part time at my church. Am wanting to move in soon. When can I move in?

Uhm - let me think.... not in this life time!

* I have 4 cats and 2 birds.

That was snuck in between telling me where she worked and her general hobbies..... next!

*I am 20 and will be a junior at UMass this upcoming year.

yea... considering that I specifically stated post-doc graduate students or professionals only, I don't think that will work out.

Is it really so hard to find roommates?!?! This last move, where I am now, was the first time I lived with people I did not know beforehand, and it was still a lovely experience as they are both musicians and understand the artist lifestyle. But even so, this should not be this hard! I spent a long time putting together an ad that described the apartment, myself and my expectations, and 3 out of 4 responses are poop. This is incredibly frustrating and I feel like I am really going to be under the eight ball soon if I don't find people before July 15th - which is my drop dead date to let my landlords know if I have roommates for them to meet or if I am moving out. Because let me just say, if I have to move again, I am not going to be a happy camper. It seems I move every 2 years since I was 19, and I am a little tired of packing my life in boxes and then unpacking my life. Because my life seems to be getting heavier and heavier every time I stack it in the back of a truck.....


La Tanguera said...

Dear Debbi,

Been there... I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I understand how tough, irritating and annoying must all be to you. Hang in there, you'll soon find a really great place where to be. :)


Debbi said...

Thanks Tanguera! I really don't want to give this place up because on top of a whole list of positives, is the fact that the living room and dining room are connected and have hard wood floors PERFECT for practising tango!
I know it will all work out, it always does, it is just an aggravation I could have done without.