Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's just one of those days......

This was to be my summer of fun and no stress. I had little to do, some work, and oodles of time to work on my projects and visit friends.
Now all of that has come to a screeching halt as I just found out that both of my roommates plan to move. So I have a week or so to decide if I am going to try to find 2 new roommates or find some place else to live. And our lease is up July 31, and I leave to work in Tanglewood mid-July through end of August. Which means I have to either move before I go to Tanglewood, oh, yea, actually before that as I am also going to the Montreal Festival in July, so I would have to move in a few weeks. Or throw my stuff in storage and deal with finding a place when I get back from Tanglewood mid-August, when all the college students descend on the city and gobble up all the housing. Or try to find two new roommates and then hope that everything goes ok with them moving in while I am away.

This summer was looking just too easy and fun. Can't have that! No no no!

And tonight I am working as overhire for an opera in town, and then heading over to the opening night of the Boston Tango Festival milonga. I REALLY need some good dances, but I get done around 10:30, will get to the milonga by 11, and I just looked it up and it ends at MIDNIGHT!! Who the hell ends an opening festival milonga at midnight?!?! Really..... sheesh.....
I better get some dancing in the last hour or so that I have there! I need some tango love after this day!

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