Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a few ramblings...

Tuesday night was the Odd Tuesday Milonga, which is one of my favorite milongas in the area. The vibe is great, the space is cool, new art work was on the walls, and some of my favorite people are always there. So it was a good night. A little steamy, but good. I had some great dances, one milonga set with S2 was just amazing and too much fun. I am liking milonga more and more as I am better able to dance it. I am certainly not there yet, milonga is difficult at best for me, but when the lead is perfectly clean and clear, I feel as though I can go with my leader as opposed to keep up.
So it was great to have a night of really good dancing. Although two of my favorite leads were there and I did not get to dance with them, one of them I really only see at this milonga, so missing out on dancing with him is sad. But we were never free at the same time. Maybe that is why the milongas in BsAs last until 4 or 5 in the morning, so make sure that you are able to accept every dance that you could possibly want.

Last night I could not sleep, kept waking up due to a constellation of bug bites on my ankles and elbows. Someone please explain to me why mosquitoes seem to like to bite the bony areas of your body??? Rather irritating. I also happen to be a mosquito magnet, if you are standing next to me, I will get bitten and you will remain itch-free. It is rather annoying, I wish my blood did not seem to be to tasty. I am convinced that it is because I have rare blood (I am on the short list with the Red Cross, they call me often for donations. Sometimes I get calls for emergencies), so when the mosquitoes are around I bet that they look at other people as, oh, let's say hamburgers and I look like filet mignon au poive. Which would you go for? Exactly. Two summers ago I discovered a fantastic non-chemical repellent called Badger Balm that I use, however it is stinky (think citronella and patchouli together in one glorious ointment), so I have to really think about when I want to wear this stuff.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Sorin and I are going to New York! Yea! He has some work he needs to deal with there, so I am going along and we are dancing in NYC! I am very excited about this as I love this city. Sorin has already planned out which milongas and practicas we are hitting, so I know that it will be a tango packed weekend! I also plan on going to the fashion district and do some fabric shopping. I have some ideas that I want to make realities, so what better excuse is there really to fabric shop in NYC?!?

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tangospeak said... ideas? I think i can guess - and go for it!

"Maybe that is why the milongas in BsAs last until 4 or 5 in the morning, so make sure that you are able to accept every dance that you could possibly want."
Nah - they don't even attend until midnight or 1 in the morning. It's a Spanish thing - they like to do things late at night. Probably because of the heat.