Thursday, June 14, 2007

End of a long day

Well, after a stressful day of housing surprises and a long night at the theatre, I ran over to the Zero Arrow Theatre for the last hour of the Festival opening. I got there in time to wait and watch some performances. I only saw the last three of the five, and I have to say I was not surprised to see that it was all stage tango. Does not mean I was not disappointed. But there you have it. Boston Tango Society is pretty hot on stage tango for some reason. I just hope that the dancers visiting Boston do not think that this is the Boston tango scene.
Anyway, I was only able to dance the last 30 or 40 minutes of the festival, and Sorin, being the sweet man that he is danced it all with me. The final tanda was an alternative tanda and I figured we were going to go sit down, but no, Sorin decided that being silly would be the very thing, and so we had fun with the last tanda. I was pretty tense from the day so I know I did not dance well at all, but I needed the release and I did not stress on the fact that I was not at my best.

The one thing that I did notice immediately was that there was no real line of dance to speak of. At All. In fact, there was one point when a leader danced his partner into us and then glared at us, as though we had somehow messed with his groove. If I remember correctly, we were doing little turns in place, waiting for the hold up in front of us to move.

The other thing is that they reserved the black box theatre at the Zero Arrow. As soon as I walked in, I was concerned about this. Using a Black Box means that you are in exactly that, a Black Box of a room. The walls are designed to enhance sound, so I knew that there should be no reason for the music to not reach every corner of the room brilliantly, despite the chatter. And there is a lighting grid above the entire space, so lighting can be made perfect as well. However, can we talk about the floor for a moment. It is made of seamed homosote. Anyone who works in theatre will know what I am talking about. Homosote is a black material that is usually laid over plywood for the theatre floors to absorb sound and give a little "cush" to the actors' joints. The issue is the joining of the pieces, or the seaming. No matter how well you seam it, you have to secure it with gaffers tape. And the seaming at the theatre was not the best job I had seen. So all over the floor there were these mini speed bumps of gaff tape covered homosote seams. Bit of a challenge, especially if your leader is not paying too much attention to the floor beneath him as he has to watch the floorcraft around him, and he leads you to a pivot, turn, or boleo right on top of the seam. Tricky. It also does not offer good slip as far as pivoting goes. Homosote is a bit grippy for a floor, so that adds another element of fun.

But today is a new day. I am not going to stress over my living situation just yet. And I am determined to enjoy myself tonight at the milonga. And, shockers of shockers, they are selling WINE at this event! Wow... maybe having Argentinian instructors come over is a good idea as Boston loosened up and is utilizing the theatre's liquor license to sell wine. Yea!


caroline said...

Hey you, why did they pick this space if the flooring was patched together with tape?
Kudos on the wine finally being available but I doubt it has anything to do with Argentines - they don't drink at milongas in BsAs. At the very most, they might share a bottle of Quilmes beer.

Debbi said...

I have no idea why they would pick this space.... but I usually have no idea why this group chooses any of the things that they do....
There is a MUCH better theatre in Boston, the Boston Center for the Arts that has a space called the Cyclorama that would be a much better choice. And I actually know for a fact that it is cheaper to rent that the Zero Arrow. Oh well....
I am pleased about the wine. I may need a glass tonight! :-)