Monday, June 18, 2007

End of the festival

Well, the festival came to a quiet end yesterday. And thank god there was no bumpercars at the final milonga as there was plenty of space to dance in. I had some good dances, one of which made me laugh as the leader came up to ask me to dance and when we got on the dance floor he told me that he had learned some things in class that he had been looking forward to trying out on me since class ended! Ha! Love being the tango guinea pig! Although he actually could execute the moves, therefor I could follow, so it was fun. I was very tired, after sleeping only a few hours (Got home at 5-ish that morning and had to get up soon thereafter to have lunch with my dad for Father's Day), so I know that my dancing was not up to what I normally can do, however everyone was tired, so I think I was forgiven the leads I missed. Plus I had gone to practica that afternoon and had a very productive three hours working on the various and sundries that I still have to adjust in my stepping and collection.

The all night milonga was actually rather fun. One of my favorite local dancers whom I rarely see, A, was there as well as most of the hard core dancers both from the festival and locals who were not attending the festival proper. The Tai Chi Center is a great space and I love the floor there. I had quite a bit of fun and had some great dances. We left around 4-ish and as we stepped out, the light was just beginning to bleed through the sky and the ride home seemed to go in a flash. I really do love falling into bed after dancing all night, it is really a lovely feeling.

I have to admit that I rather fell hard onto the grumpy bandwagon, however it was pointed out to me that most of what I was grousing about, I already knew or could have inferred ahead of time. The milonga times were published when I pre-registered, so that was not a surprise. I think I just did not exactly realize or pay attention, so that is my fault. And the organizers have a very specific way that they present their regular milongas here in Boston, so I should not have expected different for their festival. The one thing I will complain about is the floorcraft issues, and these concerns that I had I did communicate with the organizer, so I am not simply griping without trying to take any steps towards finding a solution. As of right now, I am fairly certain that I will not be attending the festival in its entirety next year, if at all. But we will have to see what is going on in a year.

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