Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Boston Grumble Festival

It's not tango anymore, it's grumble.
Our 3.5 hour milonga was cut down to a little more than 2 hours last night. Why? Well there was a tango show before the milonga in the same space. The show was to end at 9:30 and the milonga was to start at 9:30. That in and of itself meant someone did not think of logistics. Getting about 200 people (most of them older and don't dance, so they linger chatting on the dance floor) out of a small space with one door and ushering in the eager milonguero/as who don't want to waste a minute of the abbreviated festival milonga. But that was not the only issue that happened. The show ran 45 minutes late. So the milonga started over an hour late. And there was no way they were going to extend the hours of the milonga. I'm sure because the venue would have charged them. Oh, and did I mention that the milonga cost $30.00!!! And you had to buy water if you wanted some, only they ran out, so you could not buy water. You could buy wine, beer or soda. But no water. And there was no water fountain either.

I think the next person who asks where I am from I am going to lie so that I won't feel the need to apologize for this festival.

Oh - and the leader who hit me upside the head Thursday? Walloped me in the shoulder last night! Sorin walked over to him and told him to be more careful when he passes people. And considering that the floor was packed last night, like what I imagine BsAs would be like, there should have been no passing because there was no room to pass. But this guy would just shovel his way through. What a menace. And I saw him knock into more than one couple on the floor. If he hits me again tonight, I am going to say something and explain to him the error of his ways. Might be effective to have an Irish chick who is not afraid of confrontation walk up and tell him he needs to play in the kiddie pool until he is mature enough to play in the ocean.

Can you tell I am a little grumpy today?!?! I bet I am grumpier than Planchadora's grumpiest post, although no where near as funny! In fact, Planchadora - come to Boston, and you and I can whip these rogue leaders into shape, and if they don't behave, you can lead me into boleos that take out their legs! Volcadas that crack their ankles! I bet we can apply the Pavlovian theory to training them!


Anonymous said...

Grumble, grumble, grumble. You know what. I've realized that its absolutely useless to say anything about it. This festival is AWFUL! I don't blame you for wanting to hide where you live Debbi. If my home town festival were like this (and it will be in short order) I'm going to tell people I live in the Artic Nationa Wildlife Preserve. At least I won't be lying entirely.

m i l e s said...


I think you're right. Its a dismal display for Boston. We have a festival coming up in San Francisco, "Nora's Tango Week". And I've got to tell you that it looks to be EXACTLY lke this one with exactly the same setup. All Argentine Teachers, and local teachers relagated to the side lines. Milongas that stop at 1am. Oy. I can tell you this much, I won't be attending the festival. But I will go for the Milongas. I need the practice.

M i l e s.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right about almost everything, except for one thing: In Bs. As. milongas get waaaaaay more crowded, but you can still dance when the dancers in the place are respectful. A guy like the one you said would probably get kicked out of a few places in Argentina, or end up beaten up by someone (we argies are a bit too emotional, you know, being Irish I hope you'll understand). One thing you didn't mention about last night at the milonga was the sickly annoying heat. Hope I get to dance with you tonight!