Friday, June 01, 2007

Birthday Tango trip

Tomorrow S and I leave for Montreal to celebrate his birthday and dance in a city that we both love. He has danced there numerous times. This will be my first time dancing there. It was a surprise until a few days ago when I had to tell him what to pack (tango shoes) and to have his passport. Not too hard to figure out, but I am still proud of myself for not giving in sooner with the info. I tend to want to give presents as soon as I buy them, I have a hard time waiting until the "appropriate" time. Christmas is usually a killer for me. But, I have managed to keep secret where we are staying..... :-D

So we are of course, going to a milonga tonight, and then getting up at the crack-o-dawn to start the drive north in the wee hours of the morning. But I am already excited for it. We are meeting up with a fellow blogger and tango addict, Caroline, and I am looking forward to meeting her as well. Despite the potential for rain this weekend, I think it is going to be glorious!

On another note, one of my students has decided to take tango lessons after hearing me talk about it and seeing my various shoes. She is quite possibly one of the most talented students at school, and is an absolute doll. I gave her suggestions on shoes to buy and offered help in practicing when she got frustrated, as I warned her that she would. I also warned her that tango could take over her life. But she did not seem to mind at all....

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La Tanguera said...


Wow, this is very sweet of you! Great birthday present, hope you and S are having a blast in Montreal!