Sunday, May 06, 2007

Went to milonga last night, this is the second time I have been out socially dancing without S, and it was rather funny as I would be chatting with people, and then all of a sudden they would invariably look around and ask "Where's S?" I do have to admit getting a little kick out of telling them he is in Montreal at the festival and watch their eyes pop a little as they exclaim "Without you?!?" Uhm, yes, because I had to work this weekend on the opera and he wanted to go. So he went and I stayed. Shocking as it apparently is, we are able to dance without the other one present. And no I am not concerned about him dancing at a festival full of lovely followers who may dance like a dream. Because even if I did go, he would still be dancing with those followers. Its a curious world sometimes this tango world that we inhabit....

Anyway, I had fun although I did leave a little early. There was live music there last night, and it was ok, not great, but ok. There was a DJ who played music in between the band's sets, and the DJ music was good. There were very few dancers there however who were not beginners. It was a packed floor, however the level of dance was a little disappointing. I did have two really good dances with S2 and another S whom is going to have to be S3 I guess (So many S's!) I danced three tandas with S3 and as always I had the best time dancing with him. He is able to lead me into movements that I don't know, and it always feels like "oh, look! I bet my leg could move right there.... hey! look at that! it did!" There is never any tension when I dance with S3 and that is a welcome moment for me.
S2, as always, was lovely. He and I are bartering services, he is going to give me private lessons and I am going to build him a tango wardrobe. Pretty good exchange I think! One of the tandas we danced was a milonga tanda and I actually had fun dancing it! And I think I actually danced it as well! I really am loving milonga more and more, and I think I am getting a little better at it every time I dance it. I am looking forward to the day when I am able to dance it perfectly and have fun doing it too.

But it was interesting. I was satisfied with the two really good dances I had, I did dance more than that, but they were not fantastic, nor were they horrible, they were ok. And around midnight, when I realized that no one else was showing up that I particularly enjoy dancing with, and the two S's were occupied with a bevy of followers, I decided to cut my self loose and head home. Plus I had spent the last 2o minutes or so chatting with various people and not even looking for a dance. I took that as a sign to say goodnight. It was strange to go home alone after the milonga, but I did enjoy myself.

today is a private with S2 followed by practica in Cambridge. Should be a good day. Oh, and I also ordered new shoes, new RED shoes. Whee! My other red shoes are very uncomfortable and I don't like dancing in them. But I have discovered that I prefer the sandal with a 3.5 to 4" stiletto heel, so here is my new shoe!

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Anonymous said...

This is Sofia again..
Haha...this are the exact shoes I want to buy!
Theyre Beautiful!