Saturday, May 26, 2007

Providence Alternative Festival, opening night

Last night was the opening night of the Providence Alternative Festival, and I am looking forward to the rest of the festival. Although I am not an alternative music fan, there is a lot here and the DJs lined up are really good and playing a nice mix of music.

I'll write more later, but last night was both a night of great tandas and not so great tandas. I ended up being baby-sat by a few beginner leaders and therefore ended up dancing with them. I do not mind dancing with beginners, I was one myself, I DO mind however, when I decline a dance, and they then sit down next to me to wait until I am "ready". This is one of my pet peeves, and I don't know how to not be polite when it happens. One of these moments rather set my teeth on edge. One beginner was simply not leading at all, and I don't know yet how to compensate for leaders, so if there is no lead, I don't go anywhere. So we were side stepping, taking a few steps backwards, stopping, then doing all of that over again. Finally I could tell he was getting frustrated with me and he said "Don't you know how to do this step?" Uhm, wrong question my friend. My response, before I could think, "Well, you have to lead it first in order for me to follow it."
He turned bright red. So I quickly replied "It is bad form to teach or instruct on the social dance floor, so I apologize, but you are holding me in place, you have to give me somewhere to go, lead me to the step." He suddenly realized what he should have been doing, and lead me into an ocho. It was not good, and at the end of the song I thanked him and said that I hope that he enjoys the festival. I could tell he was surprised, but I was not going to go through any more of that.

I did have some great tandas with some of my favorite leaders, and with one local instructor whom I adore dancing with. And over all I had a nice time. It was very hard because I did not get to dance much at all, there was an overabundance of good to great followers with a couple of goddess int he mix, and only a handful of good to great to god-like leaders, so they had their pick of the litter, and I was not really a chosen one. Which is fine, I can't compete with the followers who have been dancing for over 2 years and everyone wants to dance with. But I also can't help but wonder if all of the dances I ended up having with beginners was going against me. I know that the great dancers watch when they are not on the dance floor, and it seemed like half my dances were with beginners and babysitters.

Maybe I am just grumbly.

But tonight is another night, and it is also an all night milonga, so here's hoping that things will be better!

PLUS I bought my first pair of Comme il faut shoes! Red suede sandals with a 4 inch heel. YUM!!! The pair that I had ordered from are back-ordered for three months, so I cancelled that order and bought these gorgeous shoes last night. I am wearing them tonight after breaking them in around the house practicing my ochos and boleos. It was meant to be, as soon as I tried them on, they felt like they belonged on my feet. I'm sure I'll post more about them later, and maybe convince S to take a picture of them to post.


La Tanguera said...

Hi Debbi,

Hey, cool to hear your account from Providence! I was there last year, and it was fun!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing your new Comme-Il-Fauts... you *must* get S to photograph them!!!! :-) (Did you buy them from Julia??? Isn't her a sweetheart?)

Last but not least--I know what you mean about the baby-sitters. It's horrible. I do think (as I posted already in my own website) that they need to learn the bad way. If you give in, you'll let them think that this is an acceptable mode of behavior. By now, when someone sits next to me like that, I stand up and go to the restroom (for a few minutes) and then go land elsewhere in the room. That's the easiest trick to escape... :-)

Have fun tonight (PS I suspect your beautiful new shoes will go great with the Bali pants and awesome blouse... ! :-)


tangospeak said...

How annoying it must be to have those leaders sitting next to you. Something similar happened to me this weekend too. This guy wanted an explanation as to why I wouldn't dance with him (he dances like a freak, I'm not kidding) so I said something like I'm taking a rest so he kept coming back to see if I was rested enough yet. Grr...I didn't know how to tell him that I hate the way he dances without being rude. It's very wishes in these situations that the cabaceo is a must.
Leaders who don't lead drive me up the wall - you did exactly the right thing and I would have done the same.
But it sounds like you had a good time overall - even if you didn't dance as much as you like.