Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The perfect bra

Ladies - I have found the most comfortable bra ever. Yes. Really. Ever.
And as an act of sisterhood, I have to share it with you.
It is by Wacoal, and it is called the iBra. Yea, yea.... techy name, but holy canoli, it feels like air, fits like a glove, is soft and comfortable, and supports you like a dream. It's pricey, well, pricey for me, $50.00 USD, but so worth every penny I spent. I am not tugging at it at any point, there are no red marks at the end of the day, and no "wardrobe malfunctions" of body parts popping out to say hello.
Really, go try it on, it's the best.


Caroline said...

Ever since I've had two kids that were breastfed, finding the right bra with adequate support is a near impossiblity. I will try to find that brand you mentioned and see if it will work wonders for me too.

Maddy said...

I'll have to try it - Victoria's stopped making my favorite
style that looks kind of like that. Still, it looks a bit skimpy for
a 34D.

D. doesn't give much feedback, but he is such a dream. Wish there
were 3 or 4 or him, cuz I don't get much opportunity. Also S, she's
great too, but never asks me.

Debbi said...

Hi Ladies!
I was really very surprised when I tried it on. It is fantastic.
And Maddy, the picture is of a smaller girl, probably a B cup. The 34D is definitely not skimpy. It is a balconet style, so instead of completely covering everything, it supports just like a balcony does. Weird, but good. Hope it works for you both!