Monday, May 14, 2007

It's a looong post folks......

It was a good weekend. Beautiful weather, great tango, and, of course, Mother's Day! I was a good daughter and went out and purchased a rose bush for my mom, it is a "Lavender Bloom" rose bush, with what looks to be lovely lavender-pink roses. Why buy roses all ready cut when you can buy roses that can be enjoyed year after year?!?

The weather this weekend was positively lovely and made me a little giddy. S got a lot of yard work done, which was needed, and the yard is looking good. I, of course, helped for about 5 minutes before the allergies kicked in and I retreated to the safety of the house. It is rather ironic that I love warm weather so much, especially the first few days of warm weather, but my allergies will keep me indoors. My nickname for the weekend became "Cave-girl", but what can I do? The afternoon is not a good time for me to be outdoors, morning and evening are perfect.

And now to the important things.... tango! It was a full weekend of dancing, Friday and Saturday milongas and Sunday practica. It was all good. I felt like I was dancing well all three days, with Saturday being possibly my best of the three days. Friday was Carlos and Tova's milonga, which was also a fundraiser for the dance complex that their milonga is held at. I donated a couple of items to the raffle, pretty tango shoe bags! I started making shoe bags because I HATE the pressed fiber fabric bags that come free with your shoes. They are ugly, my stilettos poke through after a short amount of time, they let your shoes bang against each other, and they have no character. Ick. So I started making bags out of scrap fabric, I made one for each of my shoes, and a few bags for S. I have received multiple compliments on them, so I started thinking... this could be side business for me! Why not?!? So I built a whole bunch, contacted Tova about donating a few and getting some publicity started. They were well received, and the lady who won the "girl" bag came over to me at the end of the milonga and just raved about the bag and how she had been admiring mine, but did not know that I made them. Yea! So I am going to make a try at selling these and see if there is the market that I think there may be for them. Plus, this will help to even out my costs for tango, sell a few bags a week and my milonga fees are paid.

Friday's milonga was fun, and I danced a good amount. It is funny to think, I remember when I would get upset if I did not dance "enough", but now, I am happy if I get good dances with good leaders. It's enough for me now to have quality over quantity. Strange how we grow.... I danced one tanda with an older gentleman who was kind to me when I was beginning, he is a sweet man, mostly likely in his 70's, and he jokes about getting dances with pretty young girls. Hell, I'll take the compliment of being called young and pretty! So I accepted the dance and it was a nice, easy salida through three vals. His embrace is a little hard, but his leading is fine and he steps clearly, so it was a sweet little tanda. Kind of like when you dance with your grandfather at a family wedding. What made me laugh at the end was his compliment to me, he told me that I was lovely to dance with, very smooth and even, and light in his arms, and he was thrilled I would still dance with him. It suddenly hit me that I was one of his good dances of the night. Me. How weird is that?!? Such a bizarre revelation.

Saturday was the fundraiser for Homer and Christine Ladas at Blue Milonga. It was very well attended, and although there was a conflict during the first hour and a half of the milonga (the venue had double booked the place, so that there was a "fashion show" downstairs while we were upstairs. And the fine folks downstairs BLASTED hip hop music. When they were approached with the concept that we should work together to try to keep the music at an acceptable level for both events, they were unapologetic and said that they paid for the place and they were going to play their music as they wanted to. Ahhh... youth.....) It was incredibly difficult to dance as the floor vibrated with the music from beneath, so I had an incredibly hard time focusing on my leader or the music. S and I after a few attempts, decided to sit in the common room and see if we could wait out the music, many others were doing the same, and so we all chatted about this and that until we realized that we could no longer hear the music from downstairs, so back into the dance we went and it really picked up. I had a real tango night. Great leaders, good music, and I was there. I was present in the dance, and it felt lovely. Earlier I posted about P whom S kept urging me to ask to dance, well, he was present and asked me to dance half way through the night. Ummm.. YES! heh heh, it was fun. He has a very unique style, and it took me almost a minute to figure it out, but once I did, it was a blast. He dances so that his legs are always in contact with one of my thighs. We were in close, so I could not catch a glimpse of what he was doing or how it worked, but in watching him afterwards, he sort of lets his legs linger while he is stepping. Very different, and very fun. So, now that I have danced with him, and we both enjoyed dancing together, I can ask him to dance! sigh, I am such a dork sometimes.... You can tell that Jane Austin is one of my favorite authors, there are a few strands proprietary that feminism was not able to eradicate from myself!

I wore my new black shoes, and did well until near midnight, when my feet were starting to hurt. By 12:30 my feet were killing me, despite having changed shoes. So off came the stilettos and on went the sneakers. And of course, this is when N came over to ask me to dance. N and K come down from Maine to dance fairly regularly, and K is one of my S's favorite followers, and I adore dancing with N. He had been occupied almost the whole evening, so I never had the chance to try to catch his eye. But over he came, looking woefully at my sneakers. "You changed your shoes??" Damn.... but my feet were not at a 10 yet on the pain scale... so... "Well, yes, but if you can handle dancing with me in sneakers, I would love to dance with you." N accepted and off we went. He is such a pleasure to dance with. By the end of the tanda however, I was completely cooked. I knew one more dance and my axis was going to resemble over cooked spaghetti. So I thanked N, told him I would continue if I could, but I was cooked, and went back and collapsed into S's lap. Man, did I sleep well that night!

Sunday was practica, and after arriving late because I was being a good girl and visiting with my mom, I spent an hour being K's "tango dummy" as he put it. It allowed me to practice open embrace, which I suck at since I have basically only danced close embrace for the past 4 months or so, and he worked out some really cool moves. It was a blast. He is so much fun to dance with, and a really good leader, and he gives good feedback, which I am grateful for. I had more good moments with leaders, my friend P was in good form and we had a great few dances. I focused on just listening to the music and not focusing so much on the leader as per his suggestion, and WOW. What a difference. I had a hard time going from K's athletic, open style into P's more subtle close embrace style. When I said that, P then suggested the focusing on the music instead of the lead style, and another tango door opened for me. I love learning!

And now it is Monday, and I sit in my office waiting for my students who did not finish their projects on time to come in. Ahh, procrastination, a college instructor's nemesis..... Maybe I'll practice my ochos while waiting.... ;-)

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