Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have a tango crush....

And it is on a couple, Murat and Michelle! They came to the Providence Alternative Festival (which I will write more on soon), and both S and I were thrilled to see them walk into the venue. We confered quickly and decided to approach them about a private while they were in town. They travel so much, we never know when we might see them again. So S spoke with Murat and scheduled a private for the last day of the festival. Yea! I was very excited, as I had learned so much from them when they taught the group class at MIT, I knew that an hour with them in private would be a leaps and bounds sort of lesson.

Of course, at the milonga, S danced with Michelle, and she is just too beautiful to watch. Pure elegance and grace. No wonder S always has a tango high after dancing with her!

Later that night, I was sitting on the couch chatting with my friend P when I realized that Murat had sat down next to us and was watching the dance floor. I re-introduced myself to him and told him how much I was looking forward to our lesson with him. He was incredibly gracious, and we chatted about this and that and tango for a few minutes with P. Then the unexpected happened, Murat asked me to dance. After a millisecond of shock, I happily accepted and left poor P in the wake of my jumping up to go to the dance floor. I have to laugh at myself, there is a reason I don't play poker. I apologized to P later, and he just laughed at me, and said he knew better than to try to stop me from having a tanda with Murat.

It was beyond lovely. As I knew it must be. Although I became intimidated as we settled into the embrace, and it took me almost an entire song before I was able to relax somewhat into the dance. Not surprisingly, his lead was exceptional and his musicality was beautiful. It was amazing and I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to dance with him. I also was aware of how much I have to learn afterwards. Not at all from anything that he said or did, but simply from dancing with a master, I realized how much more mountain is in front of me on my journey in tango.

When we had the private with them, it was more than I was hoping for. I wanted to work on follower technique and musicality, and S wanted a diagnosis of his dancing and help working on areas that needed help. Murat watched us dance once, then asked us to dance again to the same song using more musicality, and then the work began. We worked and talked about musicality and how we define it, how we use it, and what exactly musicality is and should be. We worked on listening to and digesting the music, using the same song through the entire class. Finding the end points within the song, finding punctuation, finding moments. It was a moment of clarity. S got a real work out, and Murat called him on some of his crap, which gave me a good laugh as for once, S was on the receiving end of the tasking rather than myself! ;-)
But afterwards we knew that we had come away from the lesson with so much more than we went into, and with a good amount of information to process and homework to work on. Murat really is a fantastic teacher and they are both such lovely people, how could I not have a crush on them?!?

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La Tanguera said...


I totally understand about M and M. They are fantastic teachers--I myself know them and have taking privates with Murat... he's just amazing, and has this incredible natural understanding of the dance and an incredible musicality. I'm glad you and S had a chance to have a good lesson with him. And regarding Michelle, as I've said already in S's blog... she's not only an amazing dancer, but also tremendously sweet and down to earth. They are great together... and it's difficult not to "get a crush" on them, as you say!