Wednesday, May 16, 2007

happiness is....

Finding new foods that I both like and can eat (considering my long list of food allergies). Today I found two. One was actually suggested by S at breakfast as he requested pancakes, but we had no berries available for them, except for one lone kiwi. So we had kiwi pancakes, and you know what?? They are yummy!

Second - there is a cafe around the corner from the theatre that I often stop at to get a coffee since they offer soy milk at no extra charge (Starbucks charges and extra 50 cents for soy!!! What a racket!) And I noticed that they now offer bagels with veggie tofu spread as an option to cream cheese. Well, I had to try it. So I got an egg bagel with veggie tofu spread, and you know what?? It isn't half bad! I would never mistake it for cream cheese, but it actually tastes rather good and is loaded with shredded carrots, chives, onions and peppers, so if the spread itself is not that tasty, you would never know.

It's a good food day!

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