Friday, April 13, 2007

photos from Yale

Well, despite S taking over 500 photos at Yale, he managed to not take many of me... considering that there were over 220 people there and he was the official photographer, so he sort of had to focus his lens on everybody, this isn't too surprising. But he did manage to get one fairly good picture of me, just not me in my Bali pants and awesomely expensive and flattering shirt. Oh well. I'll just ask him to capture that look this weekend as I am wearing that outfit to tomorrow night's milonga ;-). But, this photo is from the first night's milonga and it is amazing that you can see as much as you can in the photo as it was very dark in the room, no real light to speak of, just LED lights in the plastic tubing running along the baseboards of the walls... so considering he was taking pictures in the dark, he did a great job. I am the girl slightly to the right in the white shirt.

This is me (red shirt this day) stepping in Ney and Jennifer's Vals class...despite the horrible ponytail, ugh someone should have told me I looked like that, not too bad I don't think. Especially considering my penchant for resisting stepping forward.... ;-P


Caroline said...

Is that Jennifer Bratt that I spy with my little eye?

What a tango-packed weekend you had. I'm glad you had a good time.

Debbi said...

That is Ms Jennifer Bratt and Mr Ney Melo behind me. They are great teachers and I am taking another workshop with them this weekend because my body has not had enough punishment.... ;-)

La Tanguera said...

Hey, finally--nice festival!!! You look great, Debbi... but we're still awaiting for that sensational photo in Bali pants and super-expensive, cool white top!

La Planchadora said...

Holding out for the fancy shirt pictures!

PS love the blonde Zoolander-dude in the first picture. BLUE STEEL!