Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's the shirt!

Here is the outfit I keep blathering about that I love so much.... and I really do! Possibly the most comfortable tango pants ever... and the shirt rocks, although I discovered the hard way that when you dance in close embrace with someone who sweats through their shirt, it becomes transparent and I need to address my sudden change from chic to "free show".... ;-) (Note - none of the leaders pictured here were the cause of my sudden transparency.....)
S did a great job capturing these images, it is not easy to take pictures in a crowded, dark (you'd never know it from the picture) room where tango dancers spontaneously boleo and volcada at the least provocation regardless of who is holding an incredibly expensive camera behind them.... ;-)


La Planchadora said...

Nice top! Definitely worth the epic journey to get it.

La Tanguera said...

Yes, it has a really sexy back!!! You look great in it!

Debbi said...

thanks ladies! :-)